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$330 for 6 hours of driving lessons

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I don't think it's enough personally. Especially if you're nervous while driving, you won't be as focused and might make mistakes.

When I got my license here it was mandatory to have 50 logged hours, before you're at the stage where you can legally drive alone without someone licensed supervising. Then they made it 120 hours.

I think both are excessive but either way 6 hours doesn't seem like enough to me. Of course its up to whether you pick it up easily, but even so you'd need to spend those hours in varied conditions so you've experience with different lighting, weather, and traffic situations, otherwise you'd be in for a shock if you ran into something you hadn't practice with.

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Most likely not... I mean it's not impossible (I actually know someone who did pass with very little hours), but very unlikely, especially if you have anxiety issues. However I still say to go for the lessons. Save every cent you can for them, it's worth it trust me... I spent at least $1000 on lessons over the span of a year(as well as tons of short drives with my mum) and I don't regret it one bit. Getting my license and car is one of the best things to happen to me..

anyway 6 is plenty to start off with. Only have 1 a week or even a fortnight so you have time to save up without any big gaps between your lessons.
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Thats how much my daughters Drivers lessons are. She gets six hours too. She is 16 and me being an over protective parent, believes six hours was really enough. Two hours at a time is a lot believe it or not. You're not going to be able to wait for the driving instructor to leave and drive on your own. I would just make the instructor drive on highways with you and in high trafficy areas. Thats where everyone needs to learn. I made her instructor take her out on the highways and learn how to merge and all of that. Other than that, i believe 6 hours in enough. However, only you will know how you feel afterward. Everyone is different. Also, they wont give you a certificate of completetion if you fail their course. So if you dont get a certificate, you know you still got some practicing to do, however if you do get one, you know you are good to go!
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Waste of money. U can do it urself
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Waste of money.
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