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No friends since 2012

Can anyone relate to this?

I haven't seen / spoken to / texted a friend since 2012.

I am beyond lonely...
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I have no close friends since around the age of 12.
I think that to get a friend by now would just be weird, I wouldn't even know how to behave.

"There is a shadow on the wall, it dances like my soul"
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I haven't had a real friend my entire life so you're a lot better off than me.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear
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I have no friends either. The closest I have to friends that isn't my boyfriend is an online friend I've known for years. We talk weekly. But as far as real life goes, forget it. I wouldn't mind having someone to hang out with ocassionally but it's impossible to make friends when you're an adult because everyone has their own lives and responsibilities outside of work. It doesn't really bother me much as it used to because I've conditioned myself to be okay being friendless. And right now it's definitely not a top priority of mine.
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I spent years alone with no one, much longer than you Fluffy. Now I have loads of people to hang out with, but only because I just couldn't stand it anymore and put myself out there. I was beyond lonely.

I've tried to meet multiple people on here but it's been failure as no one I've spoken to wants to, or is incapable of doing it. Forums are the worst place to meet people as you're dealing with the most severe cases of SA.

If people don't try and put themselves out their, you're doomed to a life of nothing.

If you're English it's a waste of time trying to make friends on here unless you want online friends.

I haven't got time for that any more. I want real life friends but to find those you have to find people like you who're actually capable of meeting in real life, and for me, this isn't the place for that.
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I haven't seen any of my old friends in years now. They all went their separate ways when they started getting engaged and having children.

It really, really sucks.

I go to a running club and have added people from there to my Facebook, but they are more like acquaintances. A number of them are older than me and have families of their own.

I feel like am trapped inbetween two generations.
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2 months ago, I have only one 'friend' to talk to.
Now I have no one.
No one to share stories
No one to ask for help
No one to hang out with
No one knows my existence...
I'm trying to comfort myself and enjoy everything alone. But it's not easy at all. I don't know how long I can hold this loneliness. I'm exhausted. Impressively that you can hold it for 7 years
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