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I feel ignored/like an outcast

So for context I'm in highschool and a robotics team (kinda like sports, but for robots)

I feel like highschool is supposed to be a time where you make friendships that you'll remember for life and stuff, especially if you're in a team sport.

Usually, when people show up regularly, they almost naturally fit in and are accepted. I can go to team meetings alright if I talk myself into it (but lately I haven't been going as much due to loss of motivation). It's not like I'm a new member, I've been there for a year, but it still feels like an outsider.

It seems like everyone else in my robotics team are really good friends, they all goof off and have a lot of fun (like it should be). I'm kinda shy, but whenever I try to join in, they just ignore me. I'll say a short comment, and like they will listen to it, but as soon as I'm done they'll turn their backs away and I'll be pushed away, sort of.

It's so grating. I feel like everyone hates me, even if I logically know they don't. It's like I'm an alien or something.
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Hi, well I'm in college (not in America but still), and I could say the same too. When I was in high school (we have 12 grades and I came into 11th), almost nobody spoke w/ me. My only socialisation and way of showing myself was drama class (I dont have problems on stage, only in interpersonal relationships). Ppl only started to notice me in the last grade. Had maybe 2 mates I sometimes talked w/, but no serious friendships. Then went to uni (later dropped out), well, no serious friends either, but social smoking helped to some extend. At least I had a few invitations to meet at bar, which I ignored. So, as I said Im in college now, I have a "group" of "mates" who dont really need me (only when they want me to help w/ their tasks). One mate is my "friend", not a close one, but I talk mostly w/ him. Ppl are somehow not very friendly nor do they want to open up or let anybody new into their social circles. I tried to befriend some, but my efforts were vain. Answers were like: "maybe someday...", "dont have time/will to meet", etc. And theres almost no extracuricular circles/clubs/etc, so you cant meet ppl with your own interests. Sorry for my egocentrical post, but I really understand you, cuz I feel like this myself all the time: ppl dont care whether me/you am/are w/ them and they wouldnt care either if we dissapeared one day. I hope, one day youll meet ppl who will accept you and be your friends. Good luck to you, write a PM if you wanna talk, Ill listen.
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