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Why Did't I Ever Think to Google "Social Anxiety" before now

So, Google is wonderful and in no time, I'm a member of SAS

Other than immediate family, I do not enjoy being with people. I've always been this way and I guess I always will be. Maybe social rewards have less value for me or maybe I don't understand the rewards of socializing.

So I'm typing along here, being comfortable with being uncomfortable around live people, while glibly oversharing with cyber-strangers and likely making them feel uncomfortable. Enough about me. So what are some causes of Social Anxiety?
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Welcome, Erroll!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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Causes are you are born with it or it develops due to trauma (usually of the social & abusive variety) in the formative young years - childhood and teens.

Commen themes are that people have high sensitivity and ruminating negative minds where they constantly think about and focus on the worst events and possibilities to the point where their imagined fears eclipse reality. Ends up with people avoiding social situations and going out in public or starting conversations with others as much as possible due to the extreme discomfort. It's like the brain needs anti-rejection drugs because it's trying to kill itself.
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Wellcome to the underground world of misery make sure to share the pain!
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