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dumsiege 07-31-2019 09:29 AM

Struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I'm new here and hoping to get some guidance. 6 weeks ago my wife and I bought our first house. It is a great house and I feel bad for having anxiety about it, but we are next to a fairly busy street and I can't stop thinking about the street noise. I have always grown up in houses that were in the middle of a neighborhood where sound wasn't an issue. I feel like I should have known that the street noise would be an issue. I actually was dealing with it fine, but have since convinced myself that I made a terrible mistake and I will never get used to the noise. At night I'm fine, but when I wake up in the morning I think about the street noise immediately. I then carry that anxiety around in my chest all day. I can't focus and I can't eat. I know I can't sell the house because we just bought it, but I feel helpless. Am I crazy for feeling this way?

Thank you.

Toad Licker 07-31-2019 10:31 AM

Hey dumsiege, welcome to SAS. :popcorn

No, you aren't crazy for feeling the way you do. I have noise sensitivity myself and know how much stress it causes me to live in a noisy area.

versikk 07-31-2019 12:10 PM

You can install triple glass windows and sound proof your walls. Expensive, but works.
A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Soundproof Windows are available nationwide. A Soundproof Window is a second window placed behind your existing window that opens and closes just like your current one - there is no need to remove or replace your window to eliminate noise.


You're worth a less stressful life, so go soundproof!

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