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Really need help, excessive sweating

Hi guys... I'm fourteen years old...I'm in 9th grade and I've been having this problem since I was maybe 11 or 12. It's nearing summer now and I feel so self-conscious everyday because I feel like everyone is staring at my sweat stains underneath my armpits. I don't know if it is psychological or what... I mean, my dad sweats a lot so I guess that's why I sweat a lot (during physical exercises and labor), but I'm starting to think it's psychological because when I wear black tops, I "feel freely to sweat" because no one can see it anyways (on days when I wear other colored shirts, I sweat even more and look around the room to see if people notice). This is really starting to become a problem. I also have excessive sweating in my palms and in drama (only class they had when I came late to this school otherwise I would have never taken it, ew) when we're doing these exercises and games with other classmates, people are disgusted by my super sweaty hands. I feel so embarrassed all the time and this embarrassment just leads to more sweating. Also, forget what I mentioned about it being summer, because this is all year round and it never stops. Even during the dead of winter, I'm still sweating. I feel so weird because I look around at my friends and they never have to worry because they don't sweat! When I get to classes (walking, going up stairs) I have a sweaty face already and I'm just sweating profusely and my hair is messy and I just feel like a slob. Someone please help me. I put on deodorant after every two classes or even one. It masks the smell but I have to keep reapplying or my smell with overpower the deodorant. My mom was thinking about getting me armpit surgery, but I just don't know if I want to remove my sweat glands. I tried everything and I'm constantly thinking about what people are thinking about me, which makes me sweat even more.
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Hey awkwardmofo welcome.

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hi awkwardmofo welcome to SAS!
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for bad underarm sweating check out a product called DRYSOL..u can buy it at most pretty much cancels out all underarm sweat problems..
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Welcome, AwkwardMofo!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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