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My head shakes when nervous or anxious


I normally wouldn't makes Post about this but I feel like I'm running out of options.
About 3 years ago I've began to start to develope these head tremors but they would only occur when I would be anxious or would make eye contact majorily with people I don't know or I'm not comfortable around. The first time it happened was in my final months of high school I was at the mall and saw this girl that I briefly new because we both smoked cigarettes she was with her friends all good looking girls. I had no smokes so decided to go up to her for one as we would toss each other ones from time to time. As I was approaching I began to get nervous but this has never stopped me From anything before. I finally walk up to them and ask the girl I knew for a smoke she gladly began to reach for her purse to hand me one and during this time both her friends were paying notice to me. I was nervous so I was just smiling it off when out of no where my nervousness began to cause my head to shake side to side rapidly as if I was saying no and both girls looking noticed as I saw their facial expressions change as it was happening. She hands me the cigarette and I quickly walk off embarrassed and clueless to what just took place. I tried making sense of it and even told a few of my close friends about it. Like it never happened I continued to live my life for the next quarter year as if it never happened. Then again another interaction with a good looking girl triggered the rapid shakes again and since then the problem began to get worse like it was evolving. Now 3 years later it is worse than ever and can honestly say I have encountered at least 50 more instances just as I described or worse. I went to my family doctor seeking help as months on the internet did me no good. I explained to him all the details and he concluded that I'm fine and said "big whoop I won't become a brain surge" he set up an appointment for me to see a neurologist. The neurologist began his analysts by asking me basic questions about my health then checked my hands to see how shakey they were he never scheduled a scan to further investigate and told me there is nothing wrong with me and that this is something I will get over. After this I haven't seen a doctor for around a year and day by day was becoming more antisocial where I would do nothing but stay at home and went out less and less to see my friends. After almost a year of doing nothing I got a job at a grocery store and the only way I would be able to attend work is if I would drink to calm my thoughts and nerves. It was really that bad that I had to drink to hide it as if I didn't I would risk embarrassing myself. Finally I got a new family doctor at first it seemed like she really cared about what was happening to me and for the time being put me on Effexor I believe I started at 75mg per day and she also prescribed me clonazepam for fast relief so I wouldn't have to drink anymore. The Effexor never worked and I eased off the drug. Later was put on ciprilex where I went on the highest dosage recommended which was 300mg per day and still after two months felt no change. Only the short term fast relief drug clonazepam worked but only if I took the right amount. I got a new job at a financial company through my mom and my responsibilities have gotten larger where I would have to go to work everyday and be social able and interactive at the office every work day. I lived my life day by day taking the clonazpam and didn't worry as much as this drug did the trick for me. Until recently where my family doctor told me she doesn't want to see me anymore and that none of her patients are drug addicts. She did this because I refused to go on Zoloft as I realized antidepressants will not help my cause. She gave me my last prescription of clonazepam and told me never to return. This took place a month ago from today and now I'm in desperate search in finding answers and am worrying about my future state. To conclude I don't believe I have a social anxiety disorder I believe if anything it developed from the head shaking and the traumatic events the I had endless encounters with. It's hard when people already think your normal or strangers expect me to behave normal and al of a sudden my head starts to shake uncontrobally. I have shakey hands in general as my hands and fingers always shake on a regular basis and worsen when nervous. I honestly believe I have some sort of triggered tremor and I convinced myself after years of dealing with this that it will only I'm away if I get rid of the tremors. Because they way I see it I get nervous like anybody else but for some reason my nervousness leads to extreme shakiness. As others who get nervous don't have this. This is all I got to say for now. I'd really appreciate it if you shared your thoughts about my situation or have any tips on how I can get better!

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I think the shaking is due to being extremely nervous. Find out why you're so nervous. What kind of internal dialogue is going on? (feeling judged, inadequate, etc). Once you get to the root of your problem, challenge those beliefs and thoughts and slowly expose yourself to situations that cause you to shake.
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This girl at my high school had something similar to this. She was clearly not socially anxious, but she had what I would describe as a twitch where her head would shake as if she's nodding "no." It only seemed to happen when she talked in class or did a presentation. I'm not sure what it can attributed to though.
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Are you still in touch with her? Do you know if she overcame this?
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Welcome, ZM4tty!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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Originally Posted by zm4tty View Post
Are you still in touch with her? Do you know if she overcame this?
No I'm not sure. But the good thing is that she didn't let it bother her, she was super smart and very sociable. Maybe it's a good idea to try and ignore it. I get nervous twitches sometimes too. If I'm facing someone, my arm might jump or my lip will quiver. When I let it happen instead of fighting it, it happens less. It has to do with tensing the muscles when your nervous. Breathe, relax, and focus your attention elsewhere.
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I've experienced this since age 10.
When trying to hold eye contact for more than a second or eat in front of people I didn't know, I would have head tremors, called, I believe, "essential tremors," which others have described as quivering in a way that seems to be tiny "no" head shakes.
Have come to realize recently that many people suffer from this.
It can be horrible.
One thing I learned helped was consciously relaxing my shoulders when I expected this to occur. I realized my shoulders would tense and rise when I was anxious.
Another thing was realizing that having it happen didn't make people shun me. It didn't affect friendships and I had many girlfriends in spite of this before marrying.
It still happens from time to time, but the frequency has lessened.
Hang in there and don't let this stop you from living your life.
You're not alone.
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Its the anxiety. At my worst my whole body used to tremble especially my head and its honestly not very noticeable but you probably think it is which only makes it worse. You need to learn some breathing relaxation techniques. When you get nervous just tense up your muscles almost as if you were flexing for about 5 sec and then release. The biggest thing that helped me was just shaking my entire body like if I was having a seizure. Just literally shake away the anxiety. I don't shake anymore now when I get nervous i feel like puking but i do my breathing exercises and I feel better. Check out the Shyness and SA workbook by sean cooper it helped cure me from all these physical side effects. pm me your email for a free copy.

Live for the progress that you've made.
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