I'm from UK, Birmingham 25 years old and still live with parents. I've never had a job. - Social Anxiety Forum
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I'm from UK, Birmingham 25 years old and still live with parents. I've never had a job.

I find myself stuck due to mostly lounging around and not accumulating enough outgoing experience. I've never written a complete CV and now I'm in a position where I'm not even sure to put on it as I mostly surf the web, sleep and play video games with the exception of attending local theatre groups every week. Thread of a no deal Brexit isn't helping. I fear that I could become homeless in the not, so distant future, but I just don't know what to do? Every day I feel like I become more hopeless and mentally lost. There any hope for a guy like me?
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Sorry: 'threat' not: 'thread.'
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I forgot to mention I've ADHD and Asperger Syndrome.
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Welcome, Shawn.

I don't care if it's dangerous or not...I'm going to town either way.
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Hey Shawn, Welcome to SAS from another aspie.

Even if our scars donít match thereís no wrong you canít make better if you can figure out a way to change your mind.

And sure thereís things I regret not doing or doing. Those thoughts climb my spine like spiders, and then Iím really the stranger in my own bed,

and that ball of nervous gets pushed into every crack. Thatís whatís holding the bricks together.

- Listener
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Living with your parents isn't such an issue - in fact it's financially a good way to reduce costs and build some savings.

As for the job, it sounds like you're in a rut. You're not up to working, so you can't complete that CV, and go for a job placement. But something you need to realise is that you need to pull your own weight. You need to be able to work to eat, live, travel etc. As long as you're sitting at home doing nothing, you're not pulling your own weight. There will come a time where you will have to have a job in order to have enough money, and who knows, that day could be tomorrow! It's good that you know that there's a problem here - the next step is going about rectifying it.

My advice would be to get a volunteering job. You're not getting paid yet, and you don't have to go full-time at the start - but it'll help you build that CV, and, more importantly, it'll show you how other people live their lives, and you'll draw some motivation/inspiration from it.

It's not too late to get up on your feet and start working, but remember that every day that you decide not to work is a choice. You choose not to look for a job, or to sit at home and play games. You can also choose to start to find work and pull your own weightx

Much love <3

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Find some way to get moving, any job requires some sort of physical aspect. So if your physique is entirely couch potato, could start on improving that.
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I hope you will like it here.

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