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i am ugly and afraid to get with people because THEY think i am ugly

well hello there everybody, let's just say that i am the ugliest person on earth and i'm very much afraid of people because it is THEM who find me so very unattractive .. they DO NOT want to be around me, or feel very uncomfortable and/or make constant jokes and laugh about my appearance .. hence, i hate people, da peeps, individuals, or whatever THEY are called .. in fact, i was in downtown today right out in public and it was difficult for me to look at everyone there because people are always staring at me so mother****ing strangely, so ****ing rude! apparently you can never be your own self nor be your own person, because you are always let down, put down, thrown to the curb by so many people .. my last job was a doozer i had to constantly put up with negative attitude from people there, and i feel which is why i was thrown out of there!
these two *******s (referred to as "bonnie and clyde") really made my days at work very miserable: they constantly laughed at me there, made jokes and even talked about me, where i could hear them?!?! i mean really? seriously? and yet they just think they can get away with ****E like that! but again, i feel that i was dissed constantly at that particular job which was why i got thrown out and DISSmissed .. so it is difficult for me to even find work or jobs because i am too ugly, the UGLIEST of all the uglies combined and put together .. i gotta be as ugly as a troll under the bridge, any bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the bridge that's only 10 miles away from you .. THAT kind of a hideous mother****ing troll, honey! so i write to you all out of frustration and misery .. and to let you know that if you find anyone who's ugly out there, they canNOT be as ugly as i .. and this is why i have such heavy anxiety and can't stand DA PEEPS, because da peeps just do not want to socialize with an outcasted thing like myself .. i am so very nervous when i have to be out there in public, so i gotta hide in the bathroom, the public restrooms, etc. .. they provide a "haven" for me to escape the public at least for a few minutes into hours i guess .. so therefore, i dunno what else to do, i even attempted to get into contact with a psychiatrist/psychologist whatever those mother****ers are called, and he would NOT even for once mention my case, my help he just simply ignored, well **** him!
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Welcome, UglyAznBoi72!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


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Hey, it's hard to be ugly. Yes people will look down on you for it, and thats how it will be, i know some ugly guys how just accept it as it is. It must be though, but if your situation is as bad as you describe, then just maybe you should try to do something else then just be ugly, right know thats whats defines you it seems like. Read a ton of books, be the guy who knows everthing. Practice guitar and bring your skills to the table when you have the chance, people will like you for that particular reason. try to get fit as hell, dress like a god. Don't let your looks define you. You may be born ugly but you are not alone in that, many people are ugly, yet still you see them om tv, read about them ect. My best tip is to lear a skill, be good at it and rather let people remember you for that, be patient in learing.
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