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Hello everyone

I'm 22 years old, female. My SA started in my early teens. I think this is mostly due to a big move my family made (from Serbia to Canada). We're now back in Serbia; all this moving around made me feel as if I don't belong anywhere. If anybody experienced something similar, I'd love to hear from you.

Have a nice day everyone
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HELLO veron,
Welcome to the SAS forum !

" You were deceived. And now, your Republic shall fall. "
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Hey veron welcome.

Even if our scars donít match thereís no wrong you canít make better if you can figure out a way to change your mind.

And sure thereís things I regret not doing or doing. Those thoughts climb my spine like spiders, and then Iím really the stranger in my own bed,

and that ball of nervous gets pushed into every crack. Thatís whatís holding the bricks together.

- Listener
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Hi veron

I moved all over too from birth to 18 and feel it was one of the big factors to screwed me up socially.
There was a forum question about this recently and a lot of people responded they had moved alot growing up & felt same.
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Hey!!! Welcome to the site!!! Enjoy your stay!!!

"Life's a trip. Not a vacation." -Me
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Thanks for the welcome everybody
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Veron. I'm Karl.
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Welcome, Veron!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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