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Your favourite childhood soft toys?

Think I quite liked Panda Bear and Pink Teddy, IIRC the latter at least is still somewhere in my room. Vaguely remember some black cat as well, but I think it's long gone, unless my mother has it stored. I also used to like mother's childhood bear, which IIRC is a pre-WW2 German-made one. Also really liked my owl which came from a visit to Canada to see relatives, when I was about two. For some reason it was called OooPick (can't remember why, or what the correct spelling was, maybe the name was something to do with native Canadian tribes?), AFAIK it has long disappeared. Though two later soft owls sit on my bedside table. Perhaps my biggest favourite was Lemming, it went to boarding school with me and sadly got lost there.

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I had a stuffed cheetah named Checker when I was really little. There was a gas station called Checker and that's where I got it from.
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I have a small Snoopy pillow thats shaped like Snoopy that i've had since age 7 or so. Saved me one night when i was on a school trip in year 4/5 and couldnt sleep due to a blocked nose, i put him on top of the pillow and the elevation let me breathe better. He's all yellow/brown from humidity with holes and the cotton poking out but I keep him around.

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I have a rabbit I've had since I was a kid, his name is bunny. My parents still have him. It's often joked he'll go into my casket with me.

Its adorable when stuffed animals are named after what they are, i.e. White Bear or Owly or what have you.

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I have a green Rainbow Brite Sprite named Emma and a duck my sister made named Quack, and I’ve had them both since I was a baby.

I have a Cabbage Patch Kid named April that I got for my 6th birthday, and I remember holding it when I found out my grandmother died later that year, so I keep it safe in my cupboard.

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I still have a yellow stuffed dolphin and blue stuffed shark I got from when I was 10. Won them both in a visit to the amusement park. They're both about 2ft long. All these years I still manage to keep them in pretty great shape. I think around 10 or so years ago I just enclosed them in a transparent covering and just have them sit on my bookcase. High enough my dog won't ever get to them.

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Don't remember any soft toys tbh - I remember getting a Ken doll once, sort of like the opposite of a Barbie doll. That was pretty disturbing.
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I still have him but this one isn't mine (found one just like mine online). I didn't like the hat though so I removed it as soon as I was old enough to figure out how. So mine doesn't have the hat. Other than that, he looks exactly like that. He's in the top of my closet right now. His name is Digger.

EDIT - Apparently, it was from a show called Romper Room. I never knew that until I started looking for him online. I remember that show but just barely and I never associated him with that show. I only watched a few episodes and I was very young then so I still had him years later. I don't remember ever not having him, TBH.

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I know it sounds weird but my favorite was a pillow -- a small down pillow with a white pillowcase that had a green and red Christmas pattern on it. My grandmother gave it to me when I was like 2 or 3, and I guess I anthropomorphized it and called it Gillow, and I took it absolutely everywhere with me when I was a toddler. Even when I got to be 6-7 years old I still had it on my bed every night even though I never actually slept on it. I remember once we lost it and I had a panic attack. I actually think I still have Gillow, up in the closet in my old bedroom; I haven't seen it in a decade, at least.

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I really loved Garfield stuffed animals, I'm not even sure why, but they were my favorite and remained so throughout my childhood into my late teens. When I was a kid, they were my favorite, and I had quite a lot of them. I think probably from the age of 6 to 17 I slept holding on to one of my Garfield stuffed animals, the last of which that I had for a few years I gave to my girlfriend at the time.

I still have a few Garfields from my childhood in this house

I had a ton of different stuffed animals though, I used to play around with them a lot - my imagination as a child was as rich as it ever has been and I would often have little stuffed animal gatherings. I remember doing all of the voices for them, oh what an absolute trip. I wonder what my parents thought of me while I was playing around them.

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I wasn't really into teddies there was a couple kicking around, the only one I still have is a dog shaped one that has a voice box that sings a couple lines of the Elvis presley song-hound dog, it's still in great shape cause I never played with it much.

Here's a picture, this was taken from the internet but mine is the same & in as good shape.

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This guy:

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Little Boy

This toy is as old as me.
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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
You can knock someone out with a cabbage patch kid's head. Those things were lethal!

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I had various stuffed animals. A giant teddy bear was one. Also a monkey. Good times.
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I like stuffed animals

My favorite I had/have is a stuffed walrus from the now-closed SeaWorld Ohio named Pongo.
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Does Gak count as a soft toy?
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