Would you leave the forum if you beat SA? - Social Anxiety Forum
View Poll Results: Would you leave the forum if you beat SA?
Yes 8 17.02%
No 18 38.30%
Not sure 21 44.68%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Would you leave the forum if you beat SA?

Say you beat your social anxiety. Would you leave or would you stick around?

(If you've already beaten it, and still stick around to offer support or for other reasons, vote no)

Embrace the glorious mess that you are
Elizabeth Gilbert

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I Am Second
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I would probably be on here a lot less.

~ How can I build Your kingdom if I'm building my own
How can You be my treasure if I'm digging for gold
How can You be my fire if my heart has grown cold
How can You be my future if I've made this my home ~ Love & the Outcome
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ssɐlƃ ƃuᴉʞool ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɹɥ┴
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I think I would stick around to give others support.

Live and let live
"Whoever fights monsters should
see to it that in the process he does not become a
monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss,
the abyss will gaze back into you."


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Stick around and post in the none SA sections.

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I would share how I got over it then leave.

In fact, due to bad/unfair support I'd leave now if it wasn't for a few cool people.

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― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
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Permanently Banned
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I'd have no reason to be here, so would go.
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The Shadow Prophet
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Only if I discover the mathematical equation to attract any woman.

Too bad I suck at math.
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Not dead yet
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I come here for entertainment, not support. So probably not, idk.
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i still have sa yet i find it increasingly harder to justify being in this cesspit
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nah.i dont come here for support its just cool to be around people like myself.
I dont think its truly possible to 100 percent beat sa .
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I'm feeling much better now than what i did when i joined SAS 3 years ago. I can handle most situations without being overwhelmed with fear and anxiety nowadays. But i still log on here sometimes for entertainment..
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No, because i'm not here to talk about my social anxiety.
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forever single
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Lets just say there was a way to actually beat SA and I somehow managed to largely cure myself…

I'd say I'd still hang around almost as much to basically help those left behind and advise them what the path to success is. I think that's only the right thing to do. I certainly wouldn't abandon you all there and then. I'd practice what I'd preach and unlike regular people who don't look behind them, actually offer a 'verbal rope' back to help drag you forwards to progress in life.

As time would go by, I think new posts from myself would naturally slowly start to decrease in number as the months rolled by until the point I'd probably only visit here once in a while to see what was going on and make the occasional appearance.

To actually leave the site for good and never come back? Whilst it wouldn't be out of the question, I honestly couldn't see myself doing that unless we're talking literally years down the line. I know there's too many people here going through similar experiences and I know how demeaning it makes you feel to have no one there willing to actually listen and accept what you say.

"My life is an endless purgatory, interrupted by profound moments of misery"

My Blog: https://haymansafc.wordpress.com/
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A Person
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Sure. Where else is there to complain about being a virgin?

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Protector of the Den
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Only if I was too busy with other things. That could happen while I have SA too though. I probably couldn't avoid checking back at least
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I don't think this is a decision I'll have to concern myself with...

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perpetually bland
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I highly doubt I'll ever be able to rid of my anxieties, especially with having other mental health issues that are imminent.

I did get away from this place for a while and still only come here occasionally to vent. My life has recently gotten quite ****...the ****tier I feel, the more inclined I am to hang around here but I'll soon disappear again for a bit.

I kind of wonder if I'll still be on here when I'm well into my 20s, even verging 30s...given I make it that long. I'd rather not.
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happy i dodged a bullet
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Yes. I would definitely split.. As for advice, I could talk till I'm blue in the face and my advice would fall on deaf ears. You have to want to get better and actual try... And some people just dont want to..

Another reason I wouldn't come back is the amount of negativity in some threads is crazy..
Plus I already added and text people/ friends I made on here on my phone..so I really would need SAS

So if I beat it, I'm gone,gone,gone

🎵I wake up everyday celebrating sh(I)t why? BC I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b(I)tch🎵 I realized I cant fix broken people...i tried.. I cant help someone who wont take accountability.for where they went wrong...but its okay..bc I'll always be fine. No sleep will be lost, ....the video below is me, basically.

Always thank someone for showing their true colors.. Now you see them for who them are and can cut them off
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🌸 女王 🌸
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Idk. I quite like it here and it's the only forum i'm really active on anymore. Haven't found a better one. I'm not here for the support either, i'm just here to puke out opinions no one cares about, lol. I'd probably stick around, albeit less than now. I think seeing all the negative threads could be a bit triggering when you've recovered. Might make you fall back into dark thoughts. So who knows. It would probably take decades for me to overcome SA, if ever, anyway. The forum might not even be here by then.

✨🌙 ✨ 외로운 눈물로 미소 짓고 있어 ✨🌙 ✨
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No, I'm here for like minded people and offloading stuff in my head. Plus there's way more to talk about like introversion, family/work/ etc. There's also plenty of sections not related to mental health topics. Though spending a certain amount of time here is not a good idea, so I'd scale it down a bit.
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