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Winking at Someone?

Do you wink at others or have been winked at? What is your interpretation of it?
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a coworkers kid was here at work and he was walking around and over by me and looked at me. pretty sure that was the perfect opportunity to wink. did not wink though.

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I usually don't do that...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
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It's a cultural thing in certain countries. Different interpretation depending on the situation.
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Originally Posted by Excaliber View Post
Do you wink at others or have been winked at? What is your interpretation of it?
Not often something I have happen. Usually it mean something that might be shared between two people, possibly an attraction, an inside joke or something they both know but don't want others to hear.

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It hasn't been common for me. I don't wink at others either... it would look like I had something stuck in my eye.
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I probably wouldn't notice if someone winked at me (I don't even know if people still do that?). It wouldn't occur to me to wink at someone either. I'd also be afraid they'd get a restraining order.

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Please don't do it.
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I don't do it, but I've worked with a couple of winkers in my time.

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I've been winked at a few times. I always figure it was out of boredom, or a self-dare or even an attempt self-esteem boost from their part.

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By starting the sentence.. "DO YOU..."

this means to me: the person never paid any attention (NULL) to who taught native language. zero syntactical or lexicon symbolic understanding at all.

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To me it means trying to be sexy, flirty and friendly.

I thought about doing it at my crush but i dont want to come off as sleazy!

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I occasionally get winked at by both males and females that I'm on a "friendly acquaintance" terms with and I think it's just a sign of friendliness. There was this one guy where I thought that his winking was flirty, but then I noticed that he winked at everyone, so that was my wishful thinking, lol.
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It's a stupid gesture that no one has done in any serious intent since the 1970s.

It's a strange gesture, actually. One easily to be misinterpreted for flirting or friendliness. But since when do friends wink at each other? I've never done it , because it feels and looks so stupid, and people never winked at me.

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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
Please don't do it.

lol yea, this!
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I never understood this whole winking thing. Everytime I saw it in movies it was always flirtatious but when I grew up I found out it's just this thing people do in random moments and I'm just like what the hell?

I always see it as something flirtatious and can never unsee it that way. Lol

Ironic as hell considering the fact I had some man wink at me today. Not sure why people do that when they're being friendly cause it's hard not to see it any other way.
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I've physically never been able to wink.

It's been done to me a few times. When it happens I usually interpret it as them trying to make fun of me.

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