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why don't you meditate everyday?

do you meditate everyday?

do you believe in the benefits of meditation?
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I believe there are some benefits but I'm just not really into it.

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Just doesn't do much for me
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I meditate myself to sleep at night. It works!

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I believe in it to a degree - as in I've used variations of it for pain reduction and to reduce anxiety.

The reason I don't do it is more to do with my own laziness, plus it takes constant practice and time.
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I tried it twice, the first time was in May of the past year and it didn't do anything for me because my anxiety level was so high that I couldn't relax enough while meditating. I tried again in April or May of this year I think as a morning routine. It was working better because I'm also currently medicated even though following the same video everyday was making me a little bored. I could try other techniques but I like having a guideline when I meditate. I guess it was a placebo effect but it was working a little bit. Then my boyfriend came over to spend 5 weeks at my place and my routine changed so I couldn't do it anymore and stopped. I'm not sure if I should try again because for me it takes so much concentration that it's quite an energy-consuming activity rather than a relaxing experience. Plus it hasn't had much effect on my anxiety.

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I like to have a day or two off during the week. Meditation is essential, it's important to stay consistent. Result time is individual, it's all about raising self awareness and going deeper into presence. The deeper into presence you go the more peace you experience.
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yeah, everyday pretty much for 5 years or so.

If you can bring that awareness and freshness of the present moment into all aspects of your day then I believe it could be a highly positive life changing experience, whether you are suffering or not.

Thats my aim but its ****ing difficult and I'm a long way off from that right now.

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Never tried it, sounds boring TBH. Going to the gym is a better way to relieve stress and relax your mind.


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Meditation is great!x

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I tried it a few times, some with advisement by a professional. The silence was okay until it became too quiet and I'd have my mind going elsewhere. The whole breathing exercises where you're supposed to feel some energy in different areas of the body seemed a bit ridiculous. If I wanted to escape anything then it's best to just sleep.

Guess I'm just that abnormal and hopeless.
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The best thing I did or what I found the most helpful was a type of mindfullness they did in the hospital one time. They'd just put this CD on and we'd sit in the lounge room. I was very skeptical at first but all the voice did was to say to listen to the sounds around us - there wasn't any focusing on your breath or the air going in through your nostrils - just listen to the sounds in the hallway etc.

I found it really relaxed me - even just after doing it a few times.

The other one was to try and bring the pain down one time after I'd had a tooth out - even with a lot of codeine it still hurt like hell. I used this guy on Youtube and I reckon it brought the pain down from about an 8 to about a 2. So I was very grateful for that video.
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Eh I'm not consistent. I can do it for X-amount of days but then I end up stopping. I really do believe it help.
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It's not really for me tbh

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I sometimes use the fire water technique to enter a state of extreme Zen qualities, but it's dangerous to do it every day.

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I've never tried it, It just doesn't appeal to me.
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I sort of cleanse my mind when something makes me uncomfortable or angry. I guess you could say in a short meditative state. The more I've practised the more it's worked. I feel better afterwards.
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