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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
Very nice mate - but I don't think we'd have too much time for singing.
Nooky room is free.
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your dads girlfriend
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Originally Posted by scooby View Post
you're meant to say your own crush, not mine
Stop copying me. SMH

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I have a hard time thinking of any my age. Especially since I don't keep up with what's going on anymore. I'm not obsessed with anyone but off the top of my head, I always had a crush on Christina Applegate and she's almost exactly my age and still looks good for her age. Kind of a down to earth type who doesn't look like she's had a ton of plastic surgery (or they used a pretty gentle hand if so).

Sarah Silverman has a really nice face but I think she has fake boobs so that kinda ruins it because they're so obvious.

(and she's a comedy genius so that adds to the appeal probably enough to make the fake boobs not matter)

There are probably more. The one from the Bangles is still smokin hot and is in her 60s I think.

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Originally Posted by BeautyandRage View Post
Lana Del Rey

(cause I watched this recently.)

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