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What were your favourite childhood games?

i really liked Tag and Hop Scotch
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Bratz rock angelz on ps2 which I actually played to completion earlier this year on pcsx2 while drunk out of my mind and unemployed lol. Good times.
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I used to be an avid collector/trader/player of Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I was 9 to 10. I spent those years obsessed with the show and game.
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Yeah, I think we played tag too. Plus we had a few pretty unusual pets - a duckling with one foot missing (got him from the park - my sister dropped him so that was the end of that), a tortoise - my sister used to put a string around his neck and take him for walks, scrabble with my Grandma, some other board games too - can't remember.
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A street game called moro-moro
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Strip Pictionary.

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Define "childhood games"? Are we talking physical games, board games, card games or video games?

I remember liking four square when I was in grades 1-2, though I typically played a two-player variant with my best friend at the time. Since then I've never been a big fan of physical games. I remember enjoying Monopoly a lot when I was younger as well, when my parents would still play board games. Also Candy Land. When I was about 10 my best friend got me into Magic: The Gathering, which I've played on and off ever since, mostly with my dad.

I loved a lot of different video games over the years, but highlights include "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" on the SNES; "Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen" and "Final Fantasy VII" on the first Playstation; and "Starcraft" and "Command & Conquer: Red Alert" on the PC.

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* Cluedo

* Monopoly

* Connect Four

* Hide and Seek

* Poison Ball (throwing a balloon around with family and not letting it touch the floor)

* Throwing socks at a ceiling fan and watching them fly across the room

* Blowing bubbles.

My favourite video games were:

* Tetris

* Mario Game and Watch Gallery (Fire, Manhole, Oil Panic and Octopus)

* Super Mario Bros All Stars

* Super Mario Kart

* The Legend of Zelda

* Maniac Mansion

* The Addams Family

* Super Mario 64

* The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.

I had a few made up games, too:

* Whenever I went to the city, I pretended to put a space suit on, and when I walked, I made sure to put my foot in the middle of each square because stepping on a line would bring bad luck.

* I made up a story called The Big Thumb, where once a year, a giant thumb went to every house in the world to make sure all of the people were asleep. If anyone was awake or saw The Big Thumb, they would die instantly. When I couldn’t sleep, I put my my hand over my closed eyes and pretended my other thumb was The Big Thumb, which I put through a gap between my fingers and tried to hide from.

* I pretended (to myself) that I was a presenter on a home shopping channel, and tried finding good things about everything around me that would make people want to buy them. I pointed to these things with a little wooden nail stick because the people on the home shopping channel did something similar with what looked like a gold stylus.

* I pretended to go scuba diving in the bath and imagined that I could see lots of colourful fish. I did the same thing in the car once when it was parked somewhere.

* I changed into different clothes, gave myself a new name, changed my voice and tried to get my family to believe I was someone else. They never believed me, which would annoy me sometimes.

* Looking at signs and imagining what it would be like to see them without understanding the words or being able to read them. Then I started reading things backwards, which is something I still do.

* I used to spin in circles for about 30 minutes (maybe longer).

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loads haha

My Little Ponies
Sylvanian Families
Pound Puppies and pound Purries
Sweet Secrets
Hide and Seek
Skipping when played with two others
Kiss Chase
Knocking on peoples doors and running away
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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post

* I changed into different clothes, gave myself a new name, changed my voice and tried to get my family to believe I was someone else. They never believed me, which would annoy me sometimes.
I thought that was sweet and interesting like maybe you would have wanted to be an actress or something when you grew up
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I really liked slot-car racing, but it's hard to play it alone. Maybe I should have just gotten train sets .

I also liked playing "perfection", but then it got too easy.

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Daydreaming, and playing with my toy animals, and pretending to be different characters talking into a tape recorder.

This was too early in the computer age for us to afford one of those, plus I was on my own most of the time. :/

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Play football in the neighborhood, with neighborhood friends. Couldn't play it at school because of shyness.
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I remember my sister and my cousins and I used to play something we called "Hide & Seek without running" (sic) at our grandparents house.

At school we played something called 'fly away' (not sure what it's called in the rest of the world, probably some form of tag, but no way I'm reading all that article to figure it out : P )

the boys had a home base and the girls would try to capture the boys and take them somewhere (prison), and you can race to that girls' place and touch one of the captured boys and say "fly away" and they're free again.

Not sure why it was always like that (girls running after boys). Never the opposite

I was always too shy to play it. I guess I only played a few times and would generally just stay at the home base thing. And once I tried to and got captured and the girl capturing me just said "you're captured" and didn't want to touch me. I guess I scared them or something or they didn't want to scare me. :/


There was one game we did play in class. Again I don't know the original name but it's called here "Autobus Complète" (a French name for some bizarre reason). Where we choose a letter and all fill a sheet with different items: a name, a place, a type of food, etc. The one who finishes first has to shout "Autobus Complète".


Seriously though, I think I mostly just played Sega, and later Playstation.

I also played A LOT with Legos. Though I rarely built anything useful. I just made up stories with the Lego people.

I also played with dolls with my sister ... Well, she made up stories and I just watched. I kept nagging her to "finish the story". Oddly, my sister had a lot of Sindeys (that was the dolls name, I don't know if it's even still around) and like one Barbie. The barbie was always the evil one. I never really understood why. Barbie and Ken were always evil in her stories. I still think of Barbies when I think of evil : /

What else?

Yeah, I played a lot with pens and pencils as spaceships. Not sure if that's common, lol. I preferred that to actual toy crafts.

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Fifa, Prince of Persia, COntra, Metal Slug, Mario Kart
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