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What was on your Christmas list as a kid?

As it's Christmas time , what do you remember wanting for Christmas as a child?

I remember wanting the latest games console every year.
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Someone you used to know.
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Cabbage Patch Kids
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Animals lol i always wanted a new pet every yr. or those lil magazines that showed xmas sales . Id go through and circle just about everything like barbie jeeps, playhouses, tranpolines, lil random toys you can prob buy out of the quarter machines at a restaurant lol

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I couldn't possibly remember my childhood Christmas lists at all, now. But my (original) Gameboy would have been one of my favourite presents. Have a feeling it was a total surprise to get that one year, not on my list. I probably asked for my long-gone remote control car, but that may or may not have been a birthday present.

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Optimus Prime and got Megatron!

No one wants Megatron or Booster!
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Usually Lego

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You tell me
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I used to invent merchandise that didn't exist. Like I remember wanting inspector gadget stickers even though I'm pretty sure there was no such thing that my parents would've been able to buy at the time. I usually didn't get much that I asked for, but I would get other stuff and then I'd forget what I asked for anyway. I stopped believing in Santa probably at around age 7, and I stopped being interested in presents in general probably by mid teen years.
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I know this is a pretty wild conspiracy theory, but I think this is op's way of figuring out what to buy people for christmas ;O

Anyhow, I remember often wanting sports equipment and phones.

I recall some tennis rackets, nordic skiing equipment, and especially my first composite hockey stick (some old vapor stick, that one was a beast and used it for ages until it unfortunately broke)

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Barbie dolls, other dolls, board games, books, CDs and makeup were the main things on there. For a long time, I wanted a Baby Born doll, and I finally got one when I was seven.

When I was eight, I was unwrapping a present and it had an earwig on the paper, so I got scared and threw it at my sister who gave me the present. After that, I added “No worms, spiders, snails, slugs or bugs” to the top of every list because I pictured my family wrapping up a box of bugs and giving it to me to see my reaction.

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Toy tractors, remote control cars, bike, board games -operation/Monopoly/mouse trap/crocodile dentist/buckaroo, console/games, spiderman costume, super soaker water pistol.

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I remember always waiting and looking forward to in excitement in what gifts my parents will get me every xmas. And only to find out they are getting me nothing. Although one of my uncles almost always get us pretty cool gifts most xmas. I think it's because he knew my parents never get us anything, so he felt bad. Although the gifts stopped after I turned 10, 11, 12.
I still remember my final xmas gift from him was a giant red box with a stuffed Panda, Polar Bear and Reindeer inside. Which at the time I was definitely too old for those gifts. Though I still liked them.
Although my best xmas gift by far is getting a rescued black lab puppy from my aunt.

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It never did me any good to ask for anything specific. Firstly, Christmas was against my mother's religion so she only participated in it begrudgingly until she summoned enough "IDGAF if my kids hate me!" to start refusing. After which point she would sporadically go back and forth between kinda sorta relenting and being stubbornly anti-happy. Plus I think she also was just looking for an excuse to not spend money because it always killed her to spend a dime on anything she didn't have to.

I think one year I had been asking for a bike for like 3 years and she finally gave in on Christmas. Every kid in my neighborhood had a bike (even the ones who didn't ride them) but it was a luxury item for me because I didn't need it to live.

One year she just bought me a chemistry set out of nowhere. Which I did like it (a lot) once I got it but it wasn't something I asked for or had even ever thought of (I had asked repeatedly for one of the electronics hobby kits Radio Shack used to sell but I never got one of those for Christmas (I think I eventually talked my dad into buying me one of the cheaper ones). I also asked for a telescope many times but my mom balked at the prices of even the cheap ones.

There was a recent episode where one of my sister's daughters was wanting a telescope (which is a really good thing when a kid that young wants a telescope). I knew my sister probably wouldn't buy it for her (and wouldn't know what to look for anyway) so I tried to talk my mom into getting her one. That didn't go well.

My mother won't even have Christmas lights in her house anymore. They're evil, apparently.

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Much too long ago for me to remember anything I got as a present - but I always loved Christmas and still do. It's a time for families and kids. I do remember my little sister waking me up very early so we could run out and open up all the presents - but I can't remember what they were. We had a great childhood really.
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