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What TV memories do you have?

When I was little and also when I was home from school in the summer, my mom watched the soap operas every afternoon and then Oprah would come on after and then the 5:00 news and a little after that my dad would come home from work. Sometimes my grandma would be over and they'd watch Oprah. I didn't, but I used to think Oprah was really pretty when she would had her hair all curly. Also another big memory for me was the little cartoon Oprah that would pull a HARPO wagon at the end of the show.

When I was in college on Fridays I was off and I'd clean the house while my mom went to the store. Later I'd watch Judge Judy in the afternoon while I was waiting on my friends to pick me up. Now though, I don't really like her show.

Also, when I was little I liked this one channel we had that would show random movies on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

When I was in my earlier teen years I loved to watch Matlock and Diagnosis Murder, but I know those were usually for older people, but I think a lot of people used to watch those too.

Also when I was really little I liked Bill Nye Science Guy and also Mister Rogers.

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I remember watching horror movies in the afternoon when I was about 5, after I came home from kindergarten. My mother was upstairs looking after my younger brother. I saw one about a house filled with huge spiders that ate people. And another one where a man doused a woman with gasoline in a cemetery and set her on fire. But I can't remember what they were called. 70s classics, I'm sure.

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I grew up watching shows like the original Star Trek, M*A*S*H, Gilligan's Island as well as cartoons like Looney Tunes. Yes, I am ancient.

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Well I watched a lot of cartoons and stuff as a child, and then later as a teenager I used to sit and wait for certain music videos to come on music channels for hours sometimes, and flick between them (we had a couple of music channels that still played music videos back then,) I'd also flick over to Kerrang radio which is like a metal/rock station in the UK that you can get on TV. This was freeview so basically non subscription digital TV. Before that became a thing we just had terrestrial so until I was about 11 we only had 5 TV channels except for the brief period where I think we got cartoon network illegally somehow. (I can't really translate this post, and I suspect parts of it might need translating,)

I really liked it when they had evenings where they'd only play rock or metal or something like that because back then that was more or less all I was into and they'd also play stuff that wasn't a newly released music video sometimes (and generally there wasn't much in the way of options.)

Not sure why but I mostly remember stuff from 2003/2004/2005.
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Often I'd have to 'compromise' and listen to the pop that's closer to rock/darkest stuff available:

(yes this is basically the same track both times.)

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This was an iconic memory:

Also liked this one:

(so many of these people have killed themselves now, OK only 3 but still. This stuff wasn't shown often just when they did top 'insert number here' of 'insert genre/theme here' things)
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speaking of music videos, I'll always remember the "World Premieres" of Michael Jackson's latest music videos. This is how I know that MJ was the biggest musical act of that generation: when regular TV made 30-minute special events to show off an artist's music video. Sure, MTV did lots of stuff like this for all kinds of groups and singers, but never did I see regular network television (FOX, in this case, for his "Dangerous" album) do it on prime time just for a 4 minute music video. 1991 was truly the height of popular music. Never will so many artists and genres converge into the public consciousness ever again in such a manner.

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I was addicted to "You Can't Do That on Television" when I was a kid. Such a great show, and it is unlike today's kids' entertainment because it had loads of bizarre and dark humor. Regular skits had kids puking on disgusting burgers, getting green slime and water poured on them, being hung by the wrists in dungeons and getting shot by firing squads. Unfortunately today the most notice of it taken by the public at large is as the start of Alanis Morissette's career (and she wasn't one of the main or best cast members).

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I know I'm not the only one who watched Dragon Ball Z on the tv. @Suchness

Toonami was the show after school. I use to watch DBZ with my cousins when I was little. That and Sailor Moon.
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I pretty much live in the past. If it was on TV before the year 2000 I probably have some memory of it (though I probably didn't actually watch 95% of what was actually popular).

Ummmm......I remember a lot of talkshows and 24 hour news and infomercials. 90s sitcoms were pretty good. Though I honestly didn't watch most of them, it was only because I settled on a few I liked and ignored the rest. I would have probably been into many more of them but that's just how I am with entertainment. If I find a few things I like, I stick with them and pretty much ignore everything else.

But TV doesn't even exist in my world anymore.

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Of course this has to be one of the best.

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When I was little (between two and four/five) I would wake up in the morning and my mum would watch A Country Practice before I watched The Book Club and Humphrey B Bear. I had to wait for a boring talk show to finish before my shows came on.

In the afternoons, she would watch Oprah, who I thought looked like my sister. Then she watched Ricki Lake and I would watch Sesame Street and Play School. On Sesame Street, they used to show toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube, then going back in. I always wanted to do that and I liked trying, but now I’ve realised they were rewinding it and playing it backwards. Whenever there was music playing on Play School, I thought it only started when the people were dancing, and they caused it to play.

After that, I watched other kids shows, but they used to change which ones to show. There was a TV in my sister’s room which was next to the bathroom, so I used to watch TV when I was in the bath. I remember Johnson and Friends, Postman Pat, Thomas The Tank, a Beatrix Potter show, Fireman Sam, Goran’s Farm, Gullah Gullah Island, Allegra’s Window, Dinosaurs and a lot of others.

At night, we would watch The Price Is Right, Home and Away and any shows on after it, like Better Homes and Gardens or All Saints.

When I was too old for them, I still watched shows like Dora The Explorer and Blue’s Clues because I thought all kids were supposed to watch them because they were educational. No one told me I had to, but I thought it meant I was well behaved somehow.

I liked watching TVSN (the home shopping channel) and trying to remember all of the numbers for everything they showed so I could picture what I would say on the phone if I was older and I was ever going to buy anything. I thought you needed to say every item number and word that was on the screen, and I thought that would be hard to remember.

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When I was very little I liked Lost in Space and then The Brady Bunch. Then in my early teens I'd watch things like Benny Hill and Morecombe and Wise with my family. My Dad preferred the British shows as he was from London. My sister and I used to love those shows - although they'd be considered very politically incorrect nowadays.

I used to love watching Seinfeld with my son when it was on - we even used to tape it and watch them again all in a row, we'd both be laughing our heads off. That was a great show.
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The Doris Day Show

The Mod Squad

The Carol Burnett Show

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Dragon Ball / Sailor Moon (it was shown, but I didn't watched it tho) and lots of cartoon network stuff... Not mentioning lots of other shows that don't exist anymore, back then there were less channels on TV, but they're were worth watching...

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Man I would watch most mtv music videos and have too many to post.. But ya.

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Watched English dubbed Anime (DBZ, Pokemon, Sailormoon, Yu Gi Oh!, etc.) and other cartoons.
I'm from Canada so I watched them on YTV, Teletoon, The Family Channel.
And used to watch some Hong Kong dramas too
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how many named "YOU" !!???
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When The Sci-Fi channel (SyFy or w/e the **** it is now) showed awsome 90's anime like Battle Angel, Robot Carnival, Roujin Z, Macross, Demon City Shinjuku, etc.

When Encore Action used to show anime (first time i saw Hellsing and Bubblegum Crisis)

And lastly when Toonami was still a thing (before it got brought back as like a host for Adult Awim.....) I loved coming home after school to watch all the Tenchi iterations, Gundam shows and Neon Genesis. Never really got into DBZ.

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