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What is your most memorable childhood injuries?

I have 3

Aged 8 hit with a cricket ball

Aged 9 fell off a slide

Aged 15 - slipped on the ice.
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fell out of a tree, a lot of blood from cat scratch on my forehead.

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Hit by a car when riding my bike. Was not really injured, never have suffered a big injury like a broken bone or anything.

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I had 2 memorable ones. One was when I was chasing my elder sister and she shut the door behind herself as she went through it. When I got to it my arm went through a glass panel and cut it up very badly. Had to go to the hospital and have it stitched back up. I would have been about 6 or 7.

Then a few years later at my new school I fell off a see-saw and broke my arm in 2 places. Not that a big a deal really but it seemed like it at the time.
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Flew into a tall tree and couldn't walk.

Hit by a car while on footpath.
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Getting bumped by my neighbor's pickup while riding my bike. I never listened and always liked riding without my helmet, so I think I learned my lesson that day. I blacked out after hitting my head hard on the pavement. Always wore a helmet after that.
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I slipped on a icy sidewalk and sprained my left arm. It hurt for months and I couldn't move it. Luckily my backpack had broken my fall and my grandpa caught me in time or I'm sure it could have been worse. I also refused to wear my cast because of SA so maybe that's one reason it could have taken longer to heal.

It was actually the second time my grandpa had saved me like that. The first time, a man almost ran me over on the sidewalk and my leg got minorly caught under his car. If my grandpa hadn't pulled me back on time I don't think I would have my leg today.

I've also fallen on my head in the water where I thought I was almost going to drown. I ended up swallowing a bunch of sand and I feel like, for some reason, I could still occasionally feel it in the back of my teeth for months afterwards.

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Riding my GT Bikes Pro Freestyle Tour Team and jumping a launch ramp. The front wheel came off landed on the forks.

Went over the bars and the seat smacked me in the back of my head. Busted me wide open blood everywhere, walked into my house my shirt soaked in blood.

Same bike I broke my right arm on later on, I think it might have been cursed or something.

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also a possum climbed up my leg before the dog was able to catch it. I had scars where the claws punctured for a long time.

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I was pretending to skateboard (with an invisible skateboard) and tried to do a kickflip off an invisible ramp and ended up more horizontal than vertical and landed on my wrist.

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I sprained my ankles a few times by tripping over things or landing wrong on my mini trampoline.

When I was eight, I had just bought a new bar of lavender soap and was washing my hands with it. It went very bubbly, so I went and showed my parents. While my hands were still covered in soap bubbles, my mum asked me to get her an ice cream from the freezer, so I tried to, but my hand got stuck to the frost on the bottom of the freezer. It was like a magnet, and it happened three times. My mum had to rip my hand away from it, and I had three frost bitten fingers afterwards.

Sometimes my knees would dislocate for no reason, and that started when I was 12.

When I was 17, I broke two bones in my leg by slipping in a spilled drink on some concrete stairs. The bone went through my skin and I bled from an artery. I had to go to hospital in an ambulance and have surgery. I still have problems with it now, and always will.

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Fell off the balcony and hit my head on a tree stump.

Tried to impress my friends by jumping the highest on my bike as we were taking turns, and landed hard and flipped over the bike

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I was running extremely fast round the playground at primary school playing tag, not looking where I was going. Hit someone's head, which bashed my teeth quite badly out of shape. At some point as a teenager in the 1990s, I was gettting out of one of the old electric trains without automatic doors (all long gone now), at a suburban London station. Some of those had latches on the inside, but in many you had to lower the door window and lean out to turn the handle and open the door. The window unexpectedly sprang up and bashed my teeth again. Perhaps not surprising, because such trains were many decades old. And at boarding school, we had trips to one of the ski centres in Scotland. I was getting of (I think, not onto) one of the ski tows where you put a heavy pole with a disc at the bottom between your legs. Somehow managed to swing the pole and bang myself painfully with it. Think it was a head bang, I was maybe lucky to escape a serious injury there.

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We had a 2 door car, which meant my sister and I had to always kinda "crawl" into the back seat. My sister usually got in first so I'd be the last one in. More than a couple of times my mom shut the door on my fingers before I could get them in. Holy hell did that hurt! I'm not sure how it never resulted in anything more than severe pain.

Stepped on a broken bottle (and broke it more) barefoot once at a park. The bottle was just barely underwater and of course I guess it didn't occur to me that stupid people litter in city parks. That injury healed in a strange way and left a painful lump on the sole of my foot that was there for many years after. About 20 years ago I got tired of coming home with the bottom of my foot throbbing every day and I decided that lump was probably full of fluid. Or if it wasn't, I was gonna find out. So I got a needle or a thumbtack or something and punctured it (which wasn't pleasant ). Nothing happened right away but over the next few months I noticed it was shrinking and eventually was almost gone.

There was the time I accidentally set my leg on fire, got a pretty serious burn from it and hid the injury from my parents for days until it got infected pretty bad. A large, infected burn is the kind of pain you can't imagine unless you've had one. The burn started to heal almost as soon as I got it treated but it still hurt A LOT for a few days before the pain was back down to being not so bad. I still have a photo of me somewhere with that huge bandage on my leg. And the look on my face in that photo reflects the fact that I was not having a good time.

I managed to not injure myself too severely doing normal kid stuff other than those mentioned. But once I was hanging out at some neighborhood kid's house in the winter and like the idiot I was, I was standing right under a huge icicle that was hanging off the roof overhang. So that damn thing chose that very moment to fall and hit me square on the head. I definitely saw some stars on that one. I could not guess how much that thing weighed but it was heavy.

Looking back, I would not be surprised if that was the cause of the epilepsy and (possibly) the headaches that have plagued me all of my adult life. I didn't think about it at the time. It was just "Well, that hurt a lot but I'm still alive and nothing seems wrong". So I pretty much forgot about it until many years later.

Another head injury I had was we had this ridiculous tire swing in our back yard and I fell backwards off of that stupid thing one day and smacked the back of my head on a large (mostly) buried rock that was just in the right place for that to happen. The top of the rock was flush with the ground so it was like falling backwards and landing on the back of your head on concrete. Was very painful but again, it didn't actually knock me out or anything and I just kinda forgot about it.

One day one of the other kids headbutted me in the nose on the bus and broke my nose (I assume it was broken but it might have just been really swollen and painful). So that kid was a bully and didn't like me anyway (which was why he headbutted me in the nose in the first place). So we got off at the same bus stop and over the next few days, he chased me down after we got off the bus and punched me in the nose several more times (which obviously didn't help the healing process go smoothly). That could have been another source of the sinus headaches that plague me. I wish I had gotten all of these things checked out when they happened but I was a stupid kid and head injuries don't make you any smarter.

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Aged 10-11 months: It was nice day outside & the back door was open, decided to escape our house in my walker & flipped it onto the doorstep, which banged my head quite bad, probably didn't help me in the brain department, that's my first clear memory.

Aged 10-25: I kinda lost count but I think I sprained my left ankle 3 times, my right ankle 4 times, jumping off things & over things, the last time very badly, I was surprised after the X-ray it wasn't fractured or broken that time.

Aged 13: A bee flew into my mouth while out on my bike & stung me on the lip several times before I could get it out, my bottom lip swelled up quite a bit.

Aged 21: I had a bicycle that had no brakes & me & my brother were going down a hill near our house, my brother was about 300 metres ahead stopped around a slight bend so I couldn't see him, I decided to pedal as fast as I could to catch up, was going about 30-40 mph, went round the corner & slammed into the back of his bike, crumpling the wheel, went over the handlebars & slid down the road on the palms of my hands for about 10 feet, I wasn't wearing a helmet but my hands saved my head, just lost a bit of skin on my knees & hand & damaged a bone in my hand I think but I never got it checked out.

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I put my fist through a glass storm door and cut a vein open in my arm. Blood was gushing everywhere and I remember my mom throwing me in the car and driving to the ER. I remember very clearly that she didn't even shut the passenger door. I think I was probably four years old.
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September 1, 1986 - I hit a parked car with my bicycle (10-speed) and the brake grip scratched up the side of the car. My front wheel got lodged in the front wheel fender and the side mirror caught me in the groin. I had a bruise (underskin blood) all the way down to my knee and I was sore for some time. I remember months later, going roller skating and the side motion of the leg reignited the dull pain I had had right after the accident. My dad paid for the damages, I got yelled at, but the injury was enough punishment. I was lucky I didn't permanently hurt myself.

April Fool's Day 1987 (I was still not quite 12 yet), we had baseball practice and I wanted to try my hand at playing first base. I was looking into the sun, didn't have my glove high enough, and the ball hit the top og the glove and made impact over my left eye. The coaches panicked as blood was running profusely. I wasn't in any pain. I ended up with six stitches and headed back to practice...but it had ended. I looked like I had been in a boxing match . The stitches were buried in my eyebrow so it would be hard to notice.

I had an interesting sixth grade!

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Strained wrist, felt like it was broken. Could've been something broken, don't know never went to get it checked out. I must have been 8 or 9. Also I guess my mom dropped me when I was very little and I hit my head on a radiator. I believe that was what I was told about a scar between my eyes. I don't remember any of it though.
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Originally Posted by doe deer View Post

that explains a lot

Yes, the elevator probably doesn't go to the top floor anymore.

edit: Shut up!

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getting a splinter stuck underneath my fingernail.

I had to go to the ER for them to cut the fingernail off to remove it

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