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What is your favourite social activity?

I would say

going to a football match.
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Going to metal concerts and bars. \m/

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I like to eat. It's an event unto its own and usually lasts no longer than the meal (2 hours max).
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alien monk
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board games or going for a walk. feeding the birds/ducks.

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I've never been to a football match. It depends how I'm feeling and how my anxiety is.

I love going to cafes - especially a couple of favourites in the city - very big, flashy, you can just sit there and no-one cares if your on your own or with other people. I do that a lot - or I did. Also going to the library, bookshops - although that's not really social. also just walking around the city - I like being around people, not necessarily talking to them. I have to be careful sometimes if I'm manic - then I'll talk to anyone and the feeling gets worse.

I like going out for lunch with my wife and my son.
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I don’t know. I don’t do any of this. I don’t see how any of this would be enjoyable. I think your feet would start to hurt over time and it’s very uncomfortable to be in public. I just don’t get people.
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Doing a hobby like fishing or foraging with someone who also likes that hobby. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who shares any of my hobbies.

In general I don't like activities that gather people though.
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I was going to say, "Staying at home by myself," but I don't even enjoy that.

I guess the closest thing would be going out for coffee/dinner with a close friend to a place that isn't that busy, because people scare me. Or going for a walk and talking. I'm not nuts about playing games, because I have terrible luck/reflexes/memory and I almost always lose. Watching a movie at a friend's house is good.

There are all kinds of things I'd like to do but my fear would get in the way. Things like music concerts and stadiums are terrifying for me. Too many people. So is camping. Too many bears. Amusement parks are a nightmare. Especially things like roller coasters and Ferris wheels because of my fear of heights and my vertigo. I can't go to the beach because of my body issues. I can handle going to a theatre as long as I have someone with me or it's almost empty. I can hide in the dark.

I'm honestly pretty much useless socially. Though I find everything easier to tolerate if I have someone there to protect me.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Going with my friend to take pictures of parks and beaches in my city I haven't seen before.

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I love going to outlet malls...lots of times they are kinda off the beaten path so it is a nice drive getting there plus most have outdoor corridors and it is nice to walk around outside in the fresh air and more space to move around as opposed to crowded indoor malls.
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Playing Football.
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Although I don't drink alcohol, British pubs offer the best social experiences for me. There's something about the atmosphere that takes away the edge of anxiety for me. There's a pub theme for every type of personality. Now that I live in the USA, I miss British pubs a lot.
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Chating online?

If I really have to go out. Probably the cinema is the best option. I don't have to be self-conscious during the movie and get to talk about something afterwards.

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I used to like going to see bands and also going to bars and getting good and drunk but don't do that anymore because no friends.

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Playing video games with someone. I rarely get to do it.
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Playing video games online with the few friends I actually have but have never met in person.

It's been a long time now... I haven't played with them for months. But I can't afford an MMO subscription anymore, plus I don't want to bother them with my complaining.

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walking by myself through a street fair or music festival. Feels kind of social with all the people around. I am invisible in the crowd and can still be part of the excitement.
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aldehyde dehydrogenaser
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Definitely restaurants or eating outside. I miss those.
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None, unfortunately I see most social gatherings like I see maggots writhing on a corpse, it's a problem &#x1f61e;

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Social pot smoking. I mean, it's pot smoking in general but you said social. That moment when you weren't planning on smoking but there's a joint doing the rounds and you don't want to offend it. The joint, you don't want to offend the joint. It's a sacred thing.

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