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What is the best series you watched and why?

For me it is stranger things
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Game of thrones (even including the last few seasons) just because nobody was safe in that show. In other shows you kind of know the main characters will always turn out fine but that's not the case in game of thrones. So I was actually on the edge of my seat sometimes. It actually had a tension to it wondering if your favourite character will get killed. Plus a lot of boobs in that show.
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Stranger Things season 1 was good but I need to catch up on the newer seasons, same with Game of Thrones which I stopped watching around season 4 and have only recently (sort of) picked back up, I've gotten pretty bad at sitting through TV shows. So it's hard to pick a favourite. There were lots of shows I watched and liked while I was watching them but haven't watched again or haven't seen in ages, or kind of forgot about.

I also like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Parks and Rec (re-watching this at the moment,) Brooklyn 99, Community. Probably forgetting a bunch.

I haven't seen most of It's Always Sunny just seen season 1 and I think part of 2? Can't remember when I stopped watching. It's a really long show though, so many seasons. I have seen a bunch of clips on YT and some of them are really great so I will probably go back to it at some point soon:


DON'T SIT DOWN. The way he says that line is hilarious.

I like stuff that has a good group dynamic, and I also like fantasy, dark fantasy, horror themes, 'geeky' stuff and dark humour.
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Of all time, I would say The Simpsons and 24. Simpsons because I've been a lifelong fan (obsessive when I was younger), and 24 because I've never seen a show where I was so enraptured every second it was on.

Lost had the potential to be the best, but the ending was so insulting to my intelligence that it's not even in the running any more.

I watched Stranger Things but there wasn't enough plot there. I haven't watched the newest season because I'm not excited for the show after watching the previous seasons.
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I've never got majorly involved in a series as such I couldn't rate any as the best, I've casually watched alot though, sopranos, walking dead, lost, Buffy, Simpsons up to season 15 maybe, the only series I could quote every episode is the comedy series "father Ted" so I guess it's best for me, I've watched lots of clips of the first season of "true detective" on YouTube & I probably should get that series & binge watch it properly at some stage.

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Best I can't say really.

Of the TV shows I have watched the most frequently:

GoT, Rome, Spartacus, Stargate SG1, BSG, Farscape probably. Most of those are nice escapist fodder that aren't too heavy, so I like them when I want to avoid hah. I don't want too much TV these days as its extremely closely correlated to me binge eating, so I avoid.

First few seasons of GoT are imo the best, but it went downhill pretty rapidly.

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Of all the ones I've seen it seems the only one I can still feel like watching now are reruns of House so I guess I'll go with that. It just keeps me interested but it may be because even though I've seen most of them before I don't remember what the final correct diagnosis is. Plus the House character is just interesting and I like the friendship between him and Wilson. The writing is just pretty clever.
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If I have to pick just one, I think it has to be Sons of Anarchy.

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Sorry, forgot to answer the why bit, lol. Although I'm not sure why. I very rarely watch anything right through til the end but I found I was always gripped and it never got boring. I also quite like sad endings for some reason, not sure why....

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Don’t know about the best but I’m currently obsessed with The Expanse and can’t wait for the new season to be released
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hm... The Magicians? or Carnivale maybe

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I watched "You" on Netflix. A bit of a creepy, scary show but very good.
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I like iZombie Seasons 1 and 2. Just fun to watch and I like the characters.

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Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! - You either love it or hate it but you can't get entertainment like that anywhere else.
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Breaking Bad is probably one of the best series with a great ending
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I don't really watch newer stuff. I like getting lost in an older sci-fi series that will take months to watch. Star Trek TNG, Stargate SG-1, Hercules/Xena, etc.

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As of right now, I'd say Dark. Everything about it is good imo.

If I had to pick a favorite, that's like picking a favorite song. The more you watch or listen to, the harder it gets to pick cause you have such a wide range to choose from that it makes it nearly impossible. I enjoyed Lost a lot, too.
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A good one was Taboo - I like things set in that period in England. Pretty violent though - but directed by Ridley Scott and he's usually very good. Has one of my favourite actors in it - Tom Hardy.

Also liked The Bridge - a Scandinavian-noir crime series. Swedish/Danish production. Quirky characters - I like that.

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If I had to pick two they would be, The X-Files and the Netflix series Dark. Dark is such an amazing series!! I'm still thinking of season 2.

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Just one?!!

I think I have to go Dexter. Part of my soul died when it was finally over...despite that last season being some of the most whack **** in my life.

Close follow ups would be Breaking Bad and Wentworth.

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