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What in your life keeps u going

Positive thinking and setting goals n accomplishing them is mine
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I Am Second
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Jesus honestly, life is rough.

~ How can I build Your kingdom if I'm building my own
How can You be my treasure if I'm digging for gold
How can You be my fire if my heart has grown cold
How can You be my future if I've made this my home ~ Love & the Outcome
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Fear of death.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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"No canoes...no maple sugar...this place is horribly uncivilized."--Manabozho, Escape From Manitou Island
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Dream within a dream
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My little minions
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Nothing really. If I had an easy way out of life, I wouldn't be here anymore. I keep going because I have to and society expects me to.
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Royally F***ed
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I'm afraid that ending my life would traumatize people I care about.

The road to poverty is paved with artistic pretensions.
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
Fear of death.
This. That's pretty much all there is for someone like me.
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Thinking of my cats kept me from ending my life that day. I guess being needed.
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Failure's Art
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I just keep moving forward by default. Not too sure what else to do.

Everybody knows you only live a day but it's brilliant anyway
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Immediate family, and having some things to look forward to, which I guess I try to fill voids that I know I wouldn't obtain in other ways than what paths I'm heading myself into - which doesn't say much.
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Probably a biological impulse to improve myself and the world around me.
My loved ones too.
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Having goals keep me going. Things I want to enjoy and would not be able to do it if I end it. I have a lot of the world left to travel and visit. Thats one goal.

Also I dont beleive in God so nothing after this life for me so got to make the best of this one. Its a difficult life but I have moments I enjoy
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Born Of Blotmonaū
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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
Fear of death.
Iím not even sure of itís the fear of death or the process of dying more but either way itís one or both of them
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Survival instinct, it's hard to overcome. Fear of the suffering involved in dying, not death itself.

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Pokemon and making a live dex!
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I think I'm naturally a fairly optimistic person - even in the midst of a depressive or mixed episode I can sort of hold on. The medication I'm supposed to take actually helps a bit too. (I've recently increased it)

For a long time I wouldn't accept the diagnosis and I hated taking the medication. I still don't particularly like it but I realise now I need it, and it's better to feel a bit tired than feel the way I have recently.
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I am interpreting the question as "What motivates you?" -- so, I feel a sense of motivation when thinking about the following things:

Magically creating the stories of TV shows and movies with my mind, and the overall experience of going to the cinema;

Magically helping to make civilisation environmentally-friendly with my mind, without harming anyone;

Mid-length black dresses that are fitted at the waist;

Going for relaxing walks in the woods with a cheese salad sandwich and a cup of tea from the bakery, sitting on a bench to eat my lunch;

Eating out at cafes for lunch and restaurants for dinner every so often, on my own -- which is something that I previously enjoyed doing with a friend;

Seeing my ex-girlfriend again.
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The desire to find real connection, the real thing.

Yesterday and today I just felt if I could take something while my friend was here and lay down with him holding me and then pass away that would be great. Never be alone again
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ssɐlƃ ƃuᴉʞool ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɹɥ┴
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When things are bad, I would have to agree with others when it comes to the fear of dying. I don't think that is enough to keep me going for the long term though, if every day was filled with anxiety and depression I know I would put an end to the misery eventually because I am weak. A week filled with misery, to a month perhaps two months, I think fear of dying would be a strong deterrent. I don't think I am strong enough to hold on much longer than that unless I knew things were going to get better. I think you could add the sense of guilt over leaving loved ones in there as well, but at some point I think even that would have its limits if I were in a state of constant misery.

I think for day to day life, it comes down to being able to hack your own mind into viewing things a certain way - at least it is for me. People often say optimists are delusional, pessimists are realists, etc, etc.. I think it is important to realize that ultimately, the chances are very likely that we are all delusional, and incapable of understanding reality at a fundamental level because we are ill equipped to. It is important to realize that, because people tend to put more stock into being negative, when doing so is more often counterproductive and not beneficial to every scenario, in fact to the majority of them.

In short, I have the capacity to look at the positive or negative of any one thing, I can choose to look at the horrible outcomes that could happen, or I can choose to look at the beneficial. I can also choose to look at both, but for trivial things, why bother? I can draw a picture, just for the enjoyment of it - without needing to concentrate at how lousy of an artist I am. Do you see what I mean? It is all about hacking the brain, with a fine tool mind you ;p Allowing myself to enjoy things, is very important to getting through day to day life.

So yeah, what keeps me going is the way I think about things. When I have no control over that, it is the fear of dying, or guilt of leaving behind loved ones.

Live and let live
"Whoever fights monsters should
see to it that in the process he does not become a
monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss,
the abyss will gaze back into you."


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A Person
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Fear of dying mainly. Keeping on keeping on is all that I do.

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