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What Do You Usually Dream About?

I dream about random situation and people, but probably once or twice a week I dream about being excluded and ridiculed by people in the past.

Last night I dreamt about a coworker from my previous workplace having a party and excluding me.
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All different things - but I often can't remember. This morning Trump was in my dream and the other night a person I had just been watching on Youtube. (I really need to get a life)

When I was on the full dose of my medication I don't think I could usually remember any dreams, that stuff made me feel very heavy and tired. And before that the antidepressants were worse - they made me have really crazy dreams.
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I have a lot of dreams where Iím floating above the ground. Iím usually in the same place. I donít know why, but Iíve had a lot of dreams about baby turtles/tortoises and lizards. Sometimes Iím holding an animal and it turns into a towel or a pizza. Iíve had a few dreams that the goldfish I had when I was 12 are still alive and that theyíve been in their tank somewhere without me knowing, being neglected.

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Mostly stuff that's unpleasant or makes me anxious, incorporated with random stuff that happened during the day.
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I've blabbed about my dreams lots on here so I won't repeat it all. Generally, being terrorized by ghosts or people/things trying to kill me. Or having the worst day ever at my last job. Or not getting to eat even though everyone else does.

Does anyone have good dreams? I never have good dreams. I'm not sure where people ever got the idea that dreams were some kind of escape from reality. They're just like a way sh***ier version of reality. My life gets worse every night when I go to sleep.

For forty-seven years I've put up with it now. I must stop Christmas from coming ... but how?
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Creepy stuff. Pleasant and unpleasant creepy stuff. Sometimes sexual. Sometimes nightmare material. Can be about my sister, coworkers, cats, made up people.

If the dream really bothers me and seems to be persisting, I will on purpose wake up for a bit (look at my phone) to get out of that dream. And then go back to sleep.
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Here's one I had a few days ago. I wish I could say it was rare but I think I have these general types of dreams often and just don't remember them very well. This one I did for whatever reason....

Just woke up about an hour ago. This time I remember the creepy dream I had. I was somehow forced to get on some kind of a diabolical amusement park ride where the ride was some kind of a machine that moves around you. And it was kind of like a puzzle. This machine was underwater and it had sets of two hatches in each section where you had to pick the right one to go through to make the machine turn itself to the next level (kind of like mechanical intersections). If you picked the wrong one, you would either drown (as the chamber would fill with water) or suffocate (because the machine would not allow you to progress any further and just stay there). It probably sounds confusing. It was one of those dreams that makes perfect sense in your mind when it's happening but is difficult to explain later.

So you had to so this exactly right a number of times before you could get out. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out when I woke up in the middle of that dream.

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