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Popularity 01-26-2011 08:50 PM

Burger or really anything to chew. I had jaw surgery so I've had to have really soft foods to mash up with my tongue or just swallow. 4th week out of six that I have to wait until I can chew again.

BreakingtheGirl 01-26-2011 08:57 PM

things that are bad for me and
something that would be very very good for me.

jonny neurotic 01-27-2011 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by fanatic203 (Post 1757642)
this horrible week to be over

But there's gonna be another horrible one straight after... :cry

Citrine 01-27-2011 06:21 AM

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

kiirby 01-27-2011 06:22 AM

Rollie. But I ate too much pizza and I can't move.

odd_one_out 01-27-2011 07:37 AM

For those who are/were supposed to **** us to have not been stupid ******* (cats) and just done the deed, to any degree, so we're not tempted and tortured with thoughts and memories of having each other in that way instead. Frigid twits seem too dim to realise what they risk/ed losing through being stupid, boring *******. Parts of their emotional (and intellectual) brains are missing.

Yozo 01-27-2011 08:24 AM


Haydsmom2007 01-27-2011 08:34 AM


tutliputli 01-27-2011 08:45 AM

Sex and a game of Monopoly.

Milco 01-27-2011 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by tutliputli (Post 1758644)
Sex and a game of Monopoly.

I have Monopoly!
Fits perfectly cos I crave entertainment and cozy socialising :)

jimbo1 01-27-2011 12:20 PM

some ice cream

Witchcraft 01-27-2011 12:30 PM

a pina colada, please...

Citrine 01-27-2011 12:32 PM

Hot apple cider

crsohr 01-27-2011 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by tutliputli (Post 1758644)
Sex and a game of Monopoly.

Ditto but minus the monopoly.

I'm also craving a full body massage with oils, preferably before the above. That would be beyond perfect.

TheDaffodil 01-27-2011 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by Ragana (Post 1758989)
a pina colada, please...

And a warm, long hug.

Emanresu 01-29-2011 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by irishK (Post 1763295)
my increasing sex drive to **** off.

And right when it does is when you're gonna need it most!

Murphy's Law #214

jimbo1 01-29-2011 09:26 PM

some good sleep

Canadian Brotha 01-30-2011 12:03 AM

A donair, a bottle of Hoegaarden, & a glass of Appletons Jamaican Rum on the rocks(in that order)

Perfectionist 01-30-2011 12:08 AM


King Moonracer 01-30-2011 12:13 AM

sex....not sex. a sensual hug from a female.

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