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What are just some weird dreams you had?

Last night I dreamt that in order to visit a customer's house you had to get by a mean nasty dog that could very well attack you. You had to get permission from the customer to enter at your own risk.

The next day I saw the dog had been kidnapped tied down and five people were beating the dog up until it died. Apparently this dog was very mean and attacked people.

Very weird I know but I can't be the only one?

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Some of mine I wrote as posts so I wouldn't forget them:

I was in my sister’s house, but it was a different house, and everything was glass. Some of it had been damaged from rain, and she was worried it would get worse, so she told me to be careful not to touch any of the glass walls. It was a mansion, but not a big one.

There were people there who were standing in a queue, getting ready to start filming for a reality TV show. I was wearing black nail polish, but then it disappeared and I had to paint my nails red while I was sitting at a table with people I didn’t know. The same thing happened, so I left them bare. Then I was straightening my hair while it was wet, still sitting at the table, using a small purple hair straightener that I used on someone else after I used it. I had my iPad with me, and no one else knew what it was, like I was from the future.

Then I was standing there and people were dressing me up as an old man with a long, curly beard, long coat and long hair. While they were doing that, a giant spider stretched across the floor from behind my feet, like a wave, and I ran from it. That happened twice.
I was in Colorado, which was a city in Texas (I don't know why) with my sister. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were there too, but not for long because they went to a nicer place.

We were staying in a dark brown/sort of purple building called the Palm Oasis, or Oasis Pearl (the signs changed) which was half motel and half shopping centre. The lower floors didn't have as many shops as the upper floors, which was supposed to be better, but a mystery because it was another country, and people stood at the top of the stairs to push people back down if they tried to enter the country. The country only existed in the building, and it was only for its own people.

I kept trying to go to the upper level shops, or to stand on the stairs so I could see which ones were there. I was always by myself. The last time I tried, someone picked me up and threw me back down the stairs, so I tried again just after that, but this time, I tried to climb up the person aFter she picked me up so I could get above her head and try to get past her. I got past, and I landed in a room with dark carpet, green glass screen things and posters about breaking laws. Someone asked "Do you know what you have done?".

The police came and arrested me for trespassing, and they took me outside so everyone could watch me getting in trouble. I kept asking for paper and trying to write notes to let them know I didn't mean to do anything bad, but my paper kept disappearing. Then a policeman with a black sock on his hand injected me with something when I wasn't looking and then removed all of my teeth by hitting me in the mouth with something that looked like a spanner.

When I got back to my motel room, my mum kept sending me messages to check if I was okay, and I sent her photos to prove it. Then I went on a website to write about what had happened.
We were trying to take a photo of something I wrote on my thumbnail in pen, and my sister found a baby turtle. I wanted to hold it, so she put it in my hand and I hugged it and took photos of it. I don't know why, but its name was Treasy (Treasure). Then it turned into pizza on a plate with lots of melted cheese.

Someone came to the house and took Treasy away, which was sad because it was my pet and I knew it had died because it had turned into pizza. They said "Who put this greaseball on a plane?" (no one knew if it had even been on a plane) and when they left with it, lots of strings of melted cheese got stuck outside the doorway, like spiderwebs. I was thinking "That's all that will be left of Treasy."
I was in a house that had paintings of people on the wall, a couch with a blue knitted blanket over it, people I didn't know and some sort of secret room in the top which had narrow bits of floor and a big gap in the middle where you can look down and see the living room, but the people in the living room can't really see you.

I was in the secret room, and there was a witch behind me. She handed me a necklace with someone's soul in it that had to be destroyed, and told me to throw it up into the manhole, which would become a hot washing machine and destroy the soul in the necklace. After I did that, the people in the paintings had all moved to the left side of the frames, and they were all wearing white turtleneck jumpers, which I was told had been added "to make them look more modern."
There was a new law that banned everyone from having things that are above a certain height in their houses unless it was furniture, so they either had to get rid of things that were above the height (about 70cm) or lay them down. I was in a house where there were dolls, and they all had to be put on their side because they would be above the banned height if they were standing.
Every night after I had finished using it, I walked to my neighbours' house at the end of the street to put my laptop outside their house on their nature strip. I don't know why. One time when I put it there, their plants went crazy and started biting my feet and legs, and it hurt a lot. I had plant bites I could see my bones through.
I had just got a pet bunny, which was black and white, and I was sitting on the floor with it, hugging it and playing with it. Then I went outside with it, but it had turned into a wet, faded red towel named Tommy, and he was my son. I was teaching him how to go up and down stairs and ramps, but he was a towel, so I was really only carrying him around in my hand while I walked up and down stairs and ramps like I usually would.
My dog got something wrong with him that made him go crazy and run around, and whenever he ran, he made square, colourful things like very little cushions that he left everywhere, and they were floating out of the side of him. That was supposed to be a sign of something bad.
I was in a yellow car by myself, and I was driving it to the city without knowing how to drive, trying not to get caught. (I don't drive).

I was driving it from the passenger seat (I don't know why, but the steering wheel was on the wrong side in my dream. It was on the left side instead of right, but I was still in the right seat) while smoking (I don't smoke) and not really looking where I was going. I wasn't even wearing a seatbelt.

There were police near me, so when I saw them, I was trying to hide from them by laying down and trying to make it look like there was no one in the car.
In one of the last dreams I remember properly, I put my laptop underwater to take a photo of a dead bird that was floating on the water. I don't know why I would try to take a photo with my laptop, why I would even think of putting it in water or why I wanted a photo of a dead bird.

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