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Mattie Sanstheworld
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Things from your childhood that should've forgotten about but somehow still remember

forgotten because it's no longer relevant or popular I mean ...

Cartoons, movies, games, songs, whatever.

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Mattie Sanstheworld
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Let me start ...

I used to love this bugs bunny episode for some reason and decided to look it up a couple of months back ...

lol, I'm not even sure why it's funny.

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I remember my grandparents had this board game from when vhs players were new and trendy- the game had a video you have to play parts of during the game. My cousins and I would play it because there wasn’t much else to do at their house but it was sooo lame 😂

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This pedestrian tunnel we always use to walk through when I was a little kid. At the end of it, there is a utility box facing the exit and there is a graffiti of a grinning Snoopy wearing sunglasses. For some reason, they never paint or clean it up for many years. It always had been a greeting stable when we would walked by. Until one random day, it was finally painted over.

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There are a lot of things I shouldn’t be able to remember, and I think my first memories are from when I was four months old. I can still remember some of the names I saw on name tags people who served us in shops wore from when I was about five, even if it was only once.

When I was little, I had a little cubby house made of printed red and white material, and I think it had a yellow door. There was a bronze coloured frame on the inside to hold it together, and a daddy long legs spider in the corner. No one in my family remembers it, even after I drew a picture of it to remind them.

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I was messing around on the floor near my parents' bed. With a lot of effort, I pulled out a q-tip box from under one of the bed legs. A cloud of dust flew up as the box came loose. I went to dust off my arm, and was amazed to see tiny hairs sticking out of my arm. I had never noticed them before, and I thought that fibers from the dust cloud had become embedded in the skin of my arm. I was very upset. I couldn't have been more than rugrat size. But I remembered it for life.

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Things from your childhood that should've forgotten about but somehow still remember

I'll tell you about something I didn't remember that I should've remembered. I literally don't remember one of my earlier birthdays. I wasn't a baby because I was walking around in the VHS tape but I don't remember any of it. My father threw a big party and there were lots of people that I recognized there but if I hadn't found that VHS tape I never would've known it happened. Very strange.

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I remember a lot of stuff as if it happened yesterday. So there would be to much stuff to list in all honesty & really have no idea which one to mention lol. If I can think of one worth mentioning I will edit my post.

Edit: the one that keeps popping up repeatedly in my head was when I was in highschool I fell into a complete depression, I was in the high schools marching band. I was completely well out of it. I was not showing up to practice anymore, I stopped caring about it, & in general I didn't want to do marching band anymore. So the band director pulled me aside one day privately asking me she did anything wrong & told me I need to get back to being my old self I just said yeah (I mean I was her favorite student & truthfully didn't know why there was others 10x better than me.)

The only thing I can think of on why it keeps replaying over & over in my head is because maybe I still feel guilty for letting her down.
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alien monk
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I dont remember anything

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Mattie Sanstheworld
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Speaking of VHS tapes ...

When I was little, my uncle used to record 6 hour tapes of Cartoon Network for us (I didn't have it at home).

I had like this huge collection of numbered tapes. Sometimes the tape would end in the middle of an episode I was enjoying and it would be super frustrating. I still remember that feeling. (Also enjoying something near the end was very risky, since I never knew exactly when it would just stop).

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aldehyde dehydrogenaser
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For some reason, it's always relevant that I should remember certain things from childhood because they made sense to me as a child. I remember being dropped off at church once, being the last one out of the car and watching my dad drive away while the car door was open. I simply like oh ****! Its still open! I remember a couple of ladies commenting on my dress and how "cute" I was. I also remember always having this habit of letting chocolate melt on my fingers before eating it. One time I got mad at brother and I tried to hide his shoe to get back at him. I felt bad so I un-hid it.

Conversely, my brother has a memory of me accidentally eating a small toy piece and having it fished out somehow. He didn't understand why a toddler would eat toys at the time. :shrug
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There's lots of random quotes from stuff me and my brother will remember sometimes despite being insignificant. Also like these random lyrics we came up with for the music in this one level of Crash Bandicoot lol. And the words 'reptilarium du Mont St Michel' which was great advertising on their part, apparently. Though at the same time not as neither of us have ever been.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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There was this board game (forgot what it was called) and it involved having some marbles. Well, being the next Einstein of a child, I decided one morning to put one of those marbles in my mouth and swoosh it around in my mouth as I was laying on the floor and watching TV. Gravity being the deadly combination had the marble go straight down towards my throat and I thought that by letting it do so at that point that I could just swallow it. I was proven wrong.

Luckily my mother was there but she didn't perform the CPR procedure - just hit my back really hard a few times and the marble flung out.

Don't tell anyone about this.

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