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Sore throat

My niece of five is having sore throat since two days. She was also suffering from high fever. She has been completely recovered from the fever but she is still having a sore throat. She has been prescribed with cepacaine to treat that sore throat. I am a bit anxious for her, view that I have read on the net that Cepacaine is not recommended for children under 6 years old.
Can this medication be harmful to her?? Do I need to talk to her doctor??
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Re: Sore throat

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Re: Sore throat

I'd just give my kids some over the counter med for a sore throat.

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Re: Sore throat

halls work great

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Re: Sore throat

If you want to try an alternative method I reccomend slippery elm losenges by thayers and I'm a big fan of Yogi tea, theres one called throat comfort, another good brand is traditional medicinals, I often buy nighty night formula to help me sleep, it works like a charm. You can get them at most health food/vitamin stores.
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Re: Sore throat

I would find out what it was prescribed for, what the actual diagnosis was and if you have questions ask the doc. "Sore throat" is rather vague and any number of illnesses can cause this....requires more investigation...

Hope she is feeling better
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Re: Sore throat

I think there was a prescription for her. In looking up the information (and I am NOT a doctor), but the medication sounds like something we already have over the counter called Cepacol or Cepastat. The prescription may just be a stronger version of those remedies.

If she still has a sore throat, I would still take her to the doctor to have it checked out. Strep throat is going around .

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Re: Sore throat

This might not be a good idea for children, but gargling with hot salt water does wonders for my sore throats. It's better than Cloroseptic and any other OTC product I've tried.

There has been good advice here though for children.

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