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Somehow I made it home last night

My friend couldn't drive me home or to the train station because she was really tired/sickly because she is on Suboxone, which is taken for addiction to opiates. So, I decided to walk in the rain to the train station. She said she could get her dad to take me but I didn't want to have him do that, even though he wouldn't care and likes me a lot. Anyway, I couldn't find the train station somehow. I mean I knew where it was but I just mixed myself up. I normally don't leave from this town. I must have walked well over a mile in the pouring rain/sleet or whatever it was last night. I was freaking out, calling her on my BlackBerry, not knowing what I was doing. I eventually made it to the NEXT train station north, Belmar, which is one stop from my town, and I have no idea how I did that. Of course I had missed the last train so I had to call 3 or 4 different cab companies before I could get a ride. I was soaking wet to the maximum. At that point I could hardly move my fingers.

I have no idea how I couldn't find the train station, having walked both ways on the tracks looking for it.... I am from this area and ride my bike along the tracks all summer....... In situations like this, things only get worse for me. I just get lost and maybe disoriented. My upper right leg is sore and it's hard to walk. I guess it's from running so much, or so hard. What a terrible night that was.
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Re: Somehow I made it home last night

Glad you made it safely. So you were south of Belmar and you live north right? Anyway, in one episode survivorman didn't follow the train tracks but that was in the Canadian wilderness. Surviving the urban jungle is probably a whole different ballgame.
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Re: Somehow I made it home last night

sorry that sucks. Its not nice feeling lost and stranded at night time in a place you don't know.......
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