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Showers make it better?

I apologize if itís tmi but when Iím feeling pretty low i find myself taking multiple baths/showers a day or none for several days.... sometimes the warm water is comforting.. but other days i am so damn depressed i dont even have the energy or have the drive to care to even get undressed and shower.... itís awful

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I always shower after work. Gives me a reset moment.
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Yes! I think there are some proven studies on this. When my sister is in a major depressive episode a cold shower will 'shock' her into feeling slightly better. For me, it's a very hot shower or bubble bath. Afterwards I feel so soft and soothed that the anxiety feels drowned.

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One of the few and non-unhealthy things I look forward to at the end of the day. I could stay in the shower for an hour sometimes if I'm in a crappy state of mind and just want to be in a warm soothing refuge to relax and dwell on my thoughts.

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They donít make problems better, but they make you feel better.

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Well, at least I feel cleaner after them... Duh... But don't feel like it makes it better that much...

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Hot showers help me too. I call it “rinsing off a layer of depression”. There’s been proven studies that talk about this, you can probably find them on google somewhere. It relaxes us, stimulates blood flow, etc. I love a really burning hot shower and then at the end of it I turn it on to ice cold to close my pores and wake me up so I’m alert the rest of the day instead of being too relaxed and tired from the heat.

It’s very common to not want to shower while depressed, I’ve been there so I sympathize with you!

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Showers are therapeutic. In the winter, I like to take a long hot shower on the weekends.
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