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Share some things you learned in therapy

One thing I learned was that when I feel alot of anxiety I should use distraction to get my mind off of the way I am feeling. For example if I go for a doctors appointment or anything else like that start noticing things around you like pictures on the wall. Pick up a magazine and read it. They have them there for a reason. Its to get your mind off your troubles and calm you down.

Anyone else?
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I have learned to challenge my thoughts. It doesn't always work mind you but sometimes it does. The main thing i say to myself is that i am a grown woman and i can do what ever i please. I tend to feel like a little girl in many situations - taking away my rights to do a lot of things. It helps to reassure myself that i do in fact have the right.
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I've learned that quitting therapy typically feels a lot better than going to therapy.
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I learned that it more often than not cost me more money than it was worth.
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I've recieved fresh validation that my depression and anxiety are definitely rooted in multiple and long-term childhood emotional traumas, and I shouldn't downplay my experiences, or deny that the anger I felt toward my mother back then was valid and reasonable, even if I'm no longer angry at her now.

Other than that insight, and the fact that the therapist means well and is very nice and empathetic and all, I don't know what else I'll get out of this. Maybe she'll have other ideas at my next visits, I don't know. The positive thinking CBT thing isn't working. I am more of a cranky, stubborn hardcore cynic than even I ever realized. I think I need to work more with self-acceptance and living in the moment than anything else.
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I've read a book on therapy. If I learned anything from therapy that I transfer to everyone in my life and in the world is to give what Carl Rogers defined as unconditional positive regard to a person (empathy) the ability to relate.
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Originally Posted by bk
I've learned that quitting therapy typically feels a lot better than going to therapy.
or not even starting it.
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I learned nothing i couldn't learn myself in therapy. Most of my progress was from my own research and hypnosis and positive affirmations. Therapy never worked for me the way that yoga never relaxed me.
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Don't hold a grudge and be more open was a good lesson I learned; hypnosis can be great; don't go to therapy unless you've thought out exactly what you want to achieve and how far you are prepared to go with it or it's a waste of time & money.
Oh and go at your own pace.
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I'm not being a smart ***, but seriously at the moment all I can come up with is dont wear mascara to the therapist, it hurt my eyes when I wouldn't stop crying,and once again I had to leave out the back door.


In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.
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Never learned anything I didn't already know. I credit myself for the progress made.
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I've learned that it's tough to find a good therapist. I've also learned that you have to decide for yourself by introspection and reading, what type of therapy you need.

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I learned not to waste my time with therapists who don't understand Social Anxiety Disorder.
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