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Saying grace before eating in public?

Some months ago, I was listening to a report on the BBC World Service coming from an American diner, I think they were asking for opinions from people about Trump and the like. Think it was in one of the southern states, and what struck me was that the reporter mentioned some customers at a table saying grace before eating. That seems very strange behaviour to me, couldn't ever imagine it happening in a British cafe. We did say grace before formal dinners in halls at my uni, and I should think the practice is probably still especially found in some Catholic/other more religious schools/universities here. Has anyone ever seen it happening amongst people eating in a cafe or restaurant in the US?

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Never seen it. Californians tend to treat religion as a private thing (except for Mormons). Nothing religious would surprise me from the southeast states, though.

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Never seen it before. Never even seen it in private.

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I'd say it's fairly common in my town, especially if the people are older. My area and town tend to be pretty religious though. Some of the older people in my family do this as well. When I would go out to eat with friends, usually they would pray before we ate. It doesn't happen much these days as most of my friends aren't religious anymore, and I've never been one to pray out loud, so I just don't do it.

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I have never seen it at a regular restaurant. The people shown doing it were probably the typical simple-minded southerners who are way too into religion.

In formal settings, it seems to be common though, for some stupid reason. The rare case where I'm in one of those situations, I try my best to not be at the table because I find the whole thing incredibly absurd and very disrespectful to people who aren't into that whole scene.

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Basically going to be more common in the Bible belt, southern states. There's even a restaurant with common Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant prayers written on the paper slips their silverware comes in where I live.

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