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Pooping At Work/Public Restroom

How often would you need to? And do you feel anxious?

I usually make in the morning. The reason why I wake up early is to have time to make, then shower.

Every now and then nature calls at work. I would feel uncomfortable. I rush a bit.
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Well thankfully I haven't had to work for a while - but I wouldn't worry about it too much OP. Everyone has to sometimes.
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Hm.. yea, I just try to make it as quick as possible. The last time it was really awkward was in a public restroom and deathly quiet. I decided to put a timer on my phone to come back because the person was most likely on her break..I think? I never saw her but sometimes people stay on their phones on the bathroom, its weird. I thought, ok, it shouldnt take that long.. I felt bad because I went in 5 minutes later and she got out in a hurry.

There was one time this girl was on her phone for forever and I was scared to make a noise, so I kept going in and out of the bathroom while complaining to whoever had to wait for me. Later, they suggested to just play a video with fart noises to avoid future awkwardness. like, loud artificial fart noises.
I think it's normal to just go, although horribly awkward.
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Only in emergencies have I used it at work. I make sure to go before work. My anxiety is too bad.

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When I worked in person, I loved it because I was getting paid for it. I typically spent 30 minutes in the bathroom just on the toilet because of how relaxing it was to be in a quiet and isolated area. Yeah there would be people coming in sometimes, but they couldn’t see me so I wouldn’t care. Then again, I am and always have been constipated so maybe that explains the length spent there. Also I was really self conscious of smelling bad so I wiped no less than 20 times on each side front and back. Lolol. I had to force myself to get up or else I would've spent 1-2 hours with my cheeks spread there. Not only that but it was pretty obvious I spent forever in the bathroom so I didn’t want to get fired for it on suspicion that I was shooting up drugs in the bathroom or something insane like that. Ironically I have less time to poop while working remotely because I have to be on cam at all times or else be reprimanded Sometimes I just don’t care and turn my cam off because a constipation cramp is a constipation cramp.
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I have no hesitation pooping in public or work restrooms for the most part. Often poop 2x-3x per day. As long as the restrooms aren't what I don't deem unsanitary to even use. Which a lot of public restrooms where I am kind of are, due to the high rate of homelessness here. Though nowadays, I am more paranoid in using public restrooms due to covid. Most public restrooms here lack paper towels for wiping due to environmental friendly reasons.

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The scary part isn't the noise I might make. With our water reduction water saving-type eco friendly toilets the fear is whether anything will go down at all!!! Holding it is an absolute necessity for #2. I work in the city so in an emergency I could walk across the street and use a restaurant's restroom instead. Luckily I rarely have to report to the office.

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As far as Iím concern any public toilet is exclusively for pissing unless itís an emergency & I canít wait
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I have more than a few unpleasant memories of holding it until the last possible minute and doing the stiff-legged Herman Munster walk to the bathroom and hoping nobody was in there.
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I went into a stall today and then I heard my supervisor enter the bathroom after. I didn't really need a ****, I just wanted to be alone. he cleared his throat so I recognised its him. man he did a big ****. I waited the whole time and left a bit after. ��

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once a day, i take my time.

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Usually I poop before I leave for work, so I don't have to there. But sometimes I have to go right after I get to work or other random times during the day.

The nice thing is, at my work, there is a third, separate restroom that only has a toilet and a sink, and a locking door. So if I have to poop, I go in that one and have complete privacy. The only time I use the other restroom is if somebody's in that one, and usually it's just to pee.

As for public restrooms, I like the ones at Lowes and Home Depot best because they have like 10 stalls, so you can easily go in there and nobody would even know you were there. Walmart is kinda like that too but they get way too many people coming in and out and it makes me nervous, so I avoid those.

One funny story, once I was in the restroom at work in the stall, and somebody came in and when they left they turned the lights off. I was too nervous to yell out at them. So I was in pitch dark trying to get out and turn the lights back on before anybody else came in. Because that would be weird for somebody to come in and I'm in the restroom with the lights off. Fortunately I was able to though.
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When I was a kid I had a phobia about public bathrooms. I don't anymore. They don't bother me at all. I always make sure I wash my hands after using them especially with the Covid thing.
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I had a fear, too, but I just go to a different bathroom.
If you worry about noise, put paper in the bowl to muflle tinkle and splash.
Also, use potty protection papers or toilet paper to cover the seat to protect against the Corona and other tropical diseases.

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