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Not realizing or being able to understand you are wrong

Is this more of a maturity issue or some kind of narcissism? Or something else?

Because I sometimes see people who have made it such an important goal to be right in every situation that it gets to the point sometimes where their only option is to make make really ridiculous sounding, illogical, I mean really obviously illogical sounding, justifications for things, and it just looks a bit childish to me, and everyone else in the room. I mean I actually feel like I am looking at a child when they do this sometimes.

Like I remember having these types arguments with my mom, probably my sister too, back in grade school, never-ending arguments, and eventually i grew out of it, so I guess I eventually figured it out. And even when you prove that you are right they will change the topic in a way to belittle you or something or they need to find some other reason to feel they are above you and put you in your place.

Maybe it is the narcissism that keeps you from growing out of it. Everybody is wrong sometimes, everybody is wrong a lot of the time, no matter how smart you are, or how smart the other people in the room are.

I mean most of the time it is not a big deal, and people can think what they want, but there are serious consequences to not admitting you are wrong sometimes for both yourself and other people.

I also think some of these people actually just don't realize they are wrong, or realize they can be wrong maybe. Not sure.

Also, it could be just blocking out feelings like shame, embarrassment, humiliation, although I also am not sure that type of person would allow themselves to think they experience those emotions to that extent either.

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