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No I've been going for 1-2 hour walks several times a week for almost 10 years.
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frowned upon, by all
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Never. It’s the best thing to clear your mind or find resolve.
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No, who told you that? I know tons of people who go on walks alone.

The world is quiet here.
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My sister went for a walk with the dog up to a mountain area with some forest & a lake & she came on a man sitting in the forest on his own playing a ukelele that was pretty strange & then another day she met a man wearing a huge black trenchcoat on a boiling hot summer day, she says she feels safe with the dog, but I don't know.

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It's the best way to walk.

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No. Only strong people can enjoy being alone. Weak people go for a walk only together.

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I do it allot and enjoy it
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