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Is it rude to have items sent to work?

I live with my parents and when I order things on Amazon or E-bay sometimes I like them not to see my mail come in. So is it rude to have packages sent to my work? I don't usually see people doing it except sometimes at the holidays? I just don't want to create issues or get into trouble with it. I used to have the packages held at the store but sometimes when I try to do it, it won't let me and they still come to my house instead. I mean, I don't have packages all the time but maybe a couple every few months. If it's just clothes or something small I don't mind my parents seeing it but packages and bigger things sometimes my mom doesn't like it.

Part of this is why I want my own house with own mailbox, etc.
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You could go to the post office and get a PO box. It's like $30 for six months. Even if you have one that's too small for big packages they'll just hold them for you till you come get them. At least at where I used to have one would do that.
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I think it's dependent on your workplace. At my last job, this was normal and there were zero issues with it. You even get a notification from reception if a personal delivery arrives for you! Sort of like an employee perk or service.
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I wouldn't do it. I would feel uncomfortable.

I live at home and my folks are usually home so they accept the deliveries. They are not nosy which is good.

I do prepare items that I'm returning at work though. Which is not right because I'm using their resources.

But I did ask my manager though.
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It largely depends on your work culture and environment. I will think in an office environment, it will be more common for this to be ok. Although for big packages, probably not a good idea.

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Some people at my workplace do it. I feel way too awkward to try it.

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Rude is doing anything that makes other people uncomfortable. The whole purpose of good manners is to show respect for others. I see nothing rude about sending packages to work. Many people have an issue with packages being stolen at home. If you aren’t creating a problem for anyone else it shouldn’t be a problem and I don’t see how this can be a problem unless you fail to pick up your packages.
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It depends on your workplace - best to check with them before doing anything!x

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