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Is it possible to have a full time job and a hobby?

I can't understand how people can have full time jobs and also hobbies. I'm not talking about something like video games or watching TV. I mean a hobby like practicing an instrument, painting, making RC cars, etc. These things need time, energy and dedication. My father usually gets back home at 6-7pm and I can't imagine doing anything other than sitting on the couch after being out for so long.

I'm specifically interested in people who have a programming job and a hobby programming project. Are there any such people here? How do you manage to code all day in the workplace and still have enough love and energy for coding to also have a hobby project at home? If I was a coder in a company the last thing I wanted to see in home was a ****ing IDE.
Also other than the energy and the motivation, how do you get the time? I don't have a job and have been doing a hobby programming project for the past couple of weeks and it's taking all my days and it's still far from complete. If I had a full time job I would have to spend months to reach this stage, which is still months from completion.

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I work 40 hours a week as a mechanic/handyman and still manage a serious hobby of powerlifting in my free time. Successfully even, I currently have three state records actually. I get up at 5:30am, work all day, change clothes, hit the gym, eat, shower, get food ready for the next day and by then it's 7:30pm. I go to bed as early as I can. I relax and get stuff done on my days off.

I would say a majority of people work full-time jobs and still have hobbies. The only ones that wouldn't would have to be rich or retired. I know it seems crazy when you don't have a job, I went a long time without one myself. I had no choice but to get one and I didn't want to give up my hobby, so I got used to doing both. You'd be surprised what you can get used to doing if you need to.
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It's possible but difficult. I used to have many hobbies (music, art, reading, etc) but my work was taking up so much of my free time that I had to give most of them up. Now my only hobby is music. I just don't have enough time to commit to anything else, which is a shame, but what can you do? We only have so much time, so I suggest finding that ONE hobby that you really enjoy that you can devote your free time to.
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Not a programmer, but I work a pretty tiring job, a lot of driving and being outside, and I always look forward to getting to my gym afterwards (Crossfit, not powerlifting, so joke if you want to :P) I also enjoy diddling around on the piano (which is harder to do now that it still lives with my parents and I don't anymore, but I still consider it a hobby.)

You're right, it does take a lot of dedication, and it's super easy to just zone out in front of the TV and I don't know if I would be motivated for a hobby if it were very similar to my job. Your hobby should reenergize you FOR your job and all your other responsibilities. If it's just draining you, but you can potentially make money off of it, then I would call that as a side job and that would take a different kind of motivation. If it's just draining you and you can't make money off of it, then what's the point?

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I'm not a programmer (I have a relatively easy job compared to progrmmers) so my opinion is probably irrelevant to you or anyone else anyway but I have a full time job (35-40 hours per week plus overtime when needed) and have a number of hobbies that I do on a relatively regular basis (I like painting/drawing in particular but also I'm quite fond of writing stories, I do game a bit too which I know you said didn't count). But I also manage to keep a house, look after a pet and see my daughter. I think the easiest way I manage is I don't really sleep much I guess? I mean I'm not as active as other people with hobbies (Not out of choice, I have another illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis which means I'm tired A LOT of the time for no reason and have significant gaps where I just have no energy whatsoever and the brainfog... oh my gosh) but I'd say probably I do one hobby for a minimum of 20minutes a day on top of my job and also having time for general stuff (cleaning the house, walking the dog, being with my partner, being with my daughter, doing coursework etc etc).

As for the programmer thing, my Uncle works with computers (I don't really understand what he does but is trained as a programmer), but also as a hobby comes home and dismantles computers, builds new computers from scratch and he likes all the data stuff (numbers behind websites and what not) again I don't 100% understand but he does it on top of his 40+hour shifts. So I guess it's possible. He also (in my opinion) has some from of social issue, he doesn't have many friends and doesn't really go out with other people, likes to be on his own in the house etc.

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