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internet addiction

how bad is yours on a scale of 1-10?

Mine is a ten. I can barely focus on things without checking for notifications, i'll be washing the dishes fast as hell to be able to check my device, i wake up from my sleep because im anxious to check in the morning, I'll check half asleep so that if I see anything bad I can just go back to sleep lol..
stuff like that.

also, for those on the internet and rather isolated, doesnt things get pretty boring? the stuff i watch on youtube is really crazy just because im bored or not interested in much else..
today I spent about two hours looking at footage of Larry Nassar's victims speaking in court..and I'm leaning more towards morbid and sad stuff to read/watch. like, crimes..
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i pretty much sit on my computer from morning to evening if i am not working. so i guess i am a ten.

i dont really get bored. i am a strange person. i never rage, i never get bored etc. i guess i watch pretty boring stuff. i watch pretty much everything, from lets plays (sometimes), to room tours or "watch what i am eating" or cooking videos.

people in school were always amazed how i can watch these things without ever getting bored. but its very seldom for me to get bored.

i am pretty much at home the whole time. i either read books, watch youtube, watch netflix, try to write my own short stories or listen to music or audio podcasts...or i play video games.

thats all i ever do. and i never get bored.
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Honestly I feel like a 10. I'm on SAS way too much. If I get away from SAS my internet time would be cut tremendously. So technically it is not the internet itseld but SAS for me because this is the only place I interact with people online. I'm pretty isolated in real life. Every now and then I find myself feeling bored with SAS but because this my only place it is hard to get away.

I'll go on Youtube to look at videos but it is only because I don't have a tv in my room. Youtube isn't an issue for me.
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I feel like Iím only on the Internet as much as I am because itís there and I can use it. I like finding out as much as I can about some things, so when Iím not on SAS, Iím usually reading about something or looking at online shops just to see what is there. I donít watch many videos compared to most people, and I donít post on social media except very rarely on YouTube and Instagram.

If I didnít have the Internet, I would miss it, but Iím not addicted to it.

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It's probably over 10. It's so bad it's probably the only thing that's keeping me alive, TBH. I'd have gone insane years ago without the internet. Either that or I'd have still been laying around watching TV. I just replaced TV with internet.

I feel like I'm addicted to staying alive however I can. If I have nothing to do, I have no reason to live. My "internet addiction" is a product of my need to have something to do while I sit around.

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Same as Dave.

I was thinking how lucky younger people are to have the net though, as it was a much, much smaller world growing up without it. I had no one to talk to at all when I was really struggling badly. No internet. No help. Just hiding away inside, not even knowing what SA was. I never even started talking to others online about my mental health issues until I was about 30, so my 20's were extremely lonely. Had no one at all to speak to apart from my folks throughout my entire 20's.

The internet has saved my life, but it's caused damage as well. Ultimately, I want to use the internet as little as possible. Only time I was away from it and didn't care for it at all, was when I was living with "her".
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I don't have one. It's a very passive thing for me. Like when I have the tv or a movie on in the background. It's what I do/put on when nothing else is going on. When my life is full with work/school, lessons, relationship/hanging out, working out, therapy/group and all the million little things that make up a life I'm barely online. When I'm not working and have a huge chunk of day to fill I'm online much more.

Miles to go before I sleep. Vale.

Know your ACE (adverse childhood experiences) score?
Sometimes, SA is a symptom of significant developmental, attachment or interpersonal trauma (emotional neglect counts). If you're still stuck after you've tried SA treatments such as CBT and exposure, research C-PTSD and see if it resonates. Here's an awesome resource. Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving
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I would say that I am severely addicted, but would be so lost without it, with the physically-isolated society we are currently living in. *oxymoron tendencies*
I am trying to get a volunteer position inn the meantime. But is having an outward goal even natural? I try to let my conscience guide me and let it take me to where I want to go.. so im not fretting about being “productive”

It keeps me out of trouble though, and allows me to interact with the world and other people without being subjugated in a heightened sense.
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I'm going to guess 6? Work keeps me from being on it all day but on the weekends I tend to be on it more than not unfortunately. But as soon as I get home from work, I turn on my computer so I'd say that's pretty addicted. I try to get other chores done before I get on the computer again but sometimes the draw is pretty strong.

It's been a long time, I remember summers home from school in 2003-2004 and being on it back than all day until my eyes hurt and I felt bad from sitting all day. Then though there wasn't nearly as much information or websites as there are these days. And if someone needed to use the phone, I had to get off, so there was that.

Of course smartphones have made it worse because I can get on whenever I want.

YouTube is my main addiction. But with OCD, I tend to view the same websites over and over and read the same things for some reason.

Plus, when I post on a forum, I'll keep checking back every few minutes to see if I got a reply, instead of just waiting a few hours.

Underneath the cold November sky, I wait for you... As the pages of my life roll by, I wait for you... I'm so desperate just to see your face, meet me in this broken place...

Be a little brave for a little bit of time.
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Mine is a 4. I spend more time watching TV, movies, playng videogames or messing around with my guitar.
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8/10 tbh Internet is very often necessary to me...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
I'll put drunk raccoon in my signature as well, because I CAN...
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