If you lived in a virtual reality world of your own creation, what would it look like? - Social Anxiety Forum
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occasionally lesbian NRx
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If you lived in a virtual reality world of your own creation, what would it look like?

A random question generator created this question. You can tell mostly because I copied and pasted the question and that comma is there in the thread title.
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It would look like a dungeon filled with whips, torches, chains and other things of pain and despair, there would be a couple of naked babes in there, let's say 35, chained to the wall sweating, dirty, soiled and in grave peril. In there too would be a couple of nasty oily men with HUUUGE... muscles whipping the babes. There would be moans and cries of pleasure and pain. Pleasure for the men, pain for the babes.
Right there and then I would enter the dungeon, walk down the stairs calm and collected, with the elegance of a knight and the chivalry of... well also a knight. I'd look fancy and shiny in my armor with a blade as sharp as my wit and I'd look the brutes in the eye and say "can I join the fun"?
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On Life Support
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Consciously it would be something like a whimsical land filled with cute anthropomorphic animals that get along somehow... for example hares would get along with foxes , sheep with wolves, etc... no one gets hurt or eaten and everyone lives a quiet fulfilling life in a warm cozy town.

But somehow I think that my subconscious mind will **** it all up somehow and turn into something like this:

"Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand"

― Ian Curtis
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occasionally lesbian NRx
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In my virtual reality I would have superpowers and be able to shapeshift, and I'd mostly go around saving women and gender non conforming men from men/other men who are trying to hurt them. But now and then I'd solve other crimes and such too that would just be the primary theme.

Then I'd gift the particularly bad guys as pets for my army of sadistic fempeople robots (I think some of them will be part arachnid.) I haven't figured out what they're going to do yet, but they'll have to have something to do for fun. And I'll have to outsource the sadism to free up time for my alchemical work, intermittently joining super villain hero groups as the edgy anti-villain hero, and music tech classes.

So basically Lisbeth Salander crossed with Ishtar and too lazy to think of other archetypes/characters.

Then I'll probably want to date occasionally, but anti-villains never have partners I probably won't have time with all the other stuff, so I'll just have unresolved sexual tension with a witchy-goth-librarian who is actually a changeling and has special plant abilities and also other super abilities, and they moonlight fighting crime and also seducing people because they're very insatiable and absorb other people's sexual energy.

I think I'll also have sex with Loki while he's wearing that outfit in the one fanfic with the fishnets, corsets and heels and stuff. Yes.

OK, so that's a plan. Now I just need the random question generator which is obviously secretly an AI that will create virtual realities based on responses to this thread, to start working.

Also a separate reality where I get to be Satan. Or some other trickster that's equally impressive/good for ****ing with people but.. Satan's kind of the only one the West takes seriously still. Also I'll need an underworld obviously.
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It would mostly be a copy of this world except I love flying in my dreams, so everybody would be able to fly, I would be a master of karate and have super-human toughness and there would be some attractive races added like elves and neko people.
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I'm not really into virtual worlds - so mine would probably just look like Thailand but I'd be 20 years younger.
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Broke boy
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I’m a bit confused by the title but my ideal world would be : No such thing as physical pain and the population is only 1 million. We are not allowed to exceed 10. The food is free, and everyone has a role with the same payout, and we are governed by highly evolved, high IQ aliens from way up above. There is no war, only formal battle room leagues like in Ender’s game.. Perhaps a more versatile layout, and different types of terrain.. They may be preparing us for universal war, who knows.. If we defy their rules or laws we are obliterated.We are allowed entertainment like movies and music.. We get 3 major strikes then boom.
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Of course I would like to experience the world of Dragon Ball. I'd start of as a young Goku but not as young as in Dragon Ball, old enough to be able to have sex. That's doesn't mean being 18 years old but just old enough to get it up and get an orgasm. Yes, I would have a lot of sex. I'd go on adventures too of course, training and fighting and all that good stuff.
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i'm an idiot so it would just be blank and i'd have 100% pleasure all the time.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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Born Of Blotmonađ
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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I think I'd be somebody else for starters. I don't know who. Just someone whose body and mind isn't all ****ed up.

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a VR realm in my head.... probably would start very happy and friendly then suddenly turn dark and depressing

I cannot Feel ... sorrow, no matter what misery befalls the world,
no matter what you think, what you feel or how you exist...

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Exactly the same but one day there are spontaneously materialised bananas on every sidewalk and street, and every street/sidewalk is completely smooth and covered in lube. Everyone is just slipping around all the time while some goofy sound effects play. Except for me, who has the ability to levitate everywhere.

Life's Wack
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late bloomer
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Everything's free
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Permanently tired
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Probably a very high-tech, advanced reality of its own that lets you traverse to any part of the world or universe at large. A reality free from the pain of infinity and finity both, that can remain interesting and good even if it continues indefinitely. Of course, it would have to be a place I can feel myself living normally, without the constraint of SA, depression or anything like that.

"So many resources keep me alive
Yet I don't even step outside
So many sacrifices keep me alive
Yet I don't even bother to survive."

"If you think we waste too much then you can sacrifice yourself
Don't push your values
Push your values
Onto the crowd."

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I don't think I'd trust myself to create my own virtual world. I would hire Jim Jarmusch to do it. We'd spend some time together so he could get to know me a little and then he'd come up with something. I think it would involve aspects of the movie Sin City combined with a Tropical Island made out of endless Desert Island discs. I'd be a master bartender able to concoct any drink at will and I "would play the guitar play just like a ringing a bell." Go go.

...you gotta keep the goal in mind, develop tunnel vision to a certain extent. it's hard, and it's not for everyone.

~bad baby

"Daisy, may I ask why you're holding Miss Sybil's biscuit jar?"
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It would be thousands of subrealities entered through doors in my huge house at the center of reality. I could enter them at will in any point in time and live there as long as I wanted. Make changes, live lifetimes again and again as I please.
The subrealities would be mostly sci-fi and fantasy based naturally.

Work a little bit harder on improving your low self-esteem, you stupid freak.
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I'm thinking some kind of heavy dark gothic, atmosphere maybe with a hint of noire & the supernatural , films for inspiration I'm thinking van helsing, sin city, L.A confidential & the shining hybrid world, with lots of drinking & talking to ghosts & elevators full of blood & vampires.

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death
Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow,
A poor player that strut's and fret's his hour upon the stage and is heard no more,
It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
- Macbeth
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Probably something similiar to Ready Player One.

"Like a book isolated on a shelf with no one to read it yet judge it for its amount of pages. I feel such way."

"Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean you're alive."
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It would look like the movie Tron.

Our hopes and expectations. Black holes and revelations.
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