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how to get concert tickets?

Ok I know that sounds like a dumb question and ofcourse I know how to buy tickets for a concert, but what i am wondering is how can i maybe get ticktes for a show where ticktes pretty much are not available? Like an auction or something like that. Has anyone ever done this? I want so badly to get ticktes for the Katy Perry show in Atlanta and Im hoping maybe i can get my hands on some tickets.
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Ticketmaster if they haven't sold out yet. She's probably playing Lakewood or something, so I'll bet you can get them through Ticketmaster.

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You mean it's sold out? In the old days you would just show up at the front of the concert venue and look for scalpers. I haven't been to a concert in like ten years though so things may have changed. I suppose they do everything on the internet now and people show up knowing what to do.
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the steps i follow to make sure i get tickets for shows that sell out fast:
-ticketmaster: i make note of the date and time they go on sale. go to the page for the event and a couple minutes prior the expected sale time i will start refreshing every few seconds (though not too often as they freeze it if you do it too much) so that the second they go on sale i can get a ticket. chose "best available" unless you want a specific section. i quickly fill out the page before it expires.

-if they sell out on ticketmaster, then i will check messageboards for that band (the best option as fans probably wouldn't hike up the price as much as scalpors), craigslist, ebay, and i believe "ticketsnow" is a site that redirects from ticketmaster where scalpors re-sell tickets for ridiculous amounts (idk if they still do that).

-sometimes in the week before the concert, if it's a big venue they may release more tickets for the show on ticketmaster

-if i really really like the band and those fail then i show up at the venue the day of the show and buy from a scalpor there. *sigh* thankfully i've only resorted to that once.
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another good website for tickets is i typically use it for sports tickets, but they have concert tickets as well. it is basically just a site of regular people selling tickets that they do not want/cannot use for whatever reason. it is completely safe and guaranteed (if you don't get your tickets, stubhub gives you your money back, so it is a bit safer than eBay or craigslist).
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I've gotten tickets through ebay in the past. The key there is to check out the seller's history, make sure they have no negative reviews. Also, email a couple of the people who have bought from them in the past and confirm that no one's been ripped off. This may be a better alternative than StubHub or similar sites who charge crazy amounts for tickets.
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Ticket brokers. You're going to pay a steep premium over face value, but maybe it's worth it to you.
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