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how often do you see/visit your relatives?

i mean your aunts, uncles and cousins, etc..

do you visit them? do they often visit your home?
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Never, tbh.
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Rarely, weeks, months, years as they are living their own lives with kids, etc.
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Right around never.

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Last time I attended a family event was over 20 years ago.

Lived at my aunts for a bit about 17 years ago.

Bump into family members rarely.

Cousin pops over now and again but rarely ever speak to him.

Other uncle, aunt and cousin pops over now and again but havn't spoken to them in years.
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Not at all. On my dad's side, most of them are dead or I have no relationship with them. On my mom's side they are all in Korea and she has a pretty complicated relationship with them. Most of them don't speak English and my Korean is not very good either.

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I have a large extended family that go right round across the globe. Some I see annually, bi-annualy, or every 2-3 years.

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not a lot, which is totally cool with me
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Rarely, if ever, these days. Especially on my mom's side. We pretty much only really kept in touch at all because of my grandma. When she passed, none of us had any lingering reason to pretend to like each other. lol

I do have three of my older cousins on my Facebook though. They're the exception. They're decent people.

I still don't see them in person very often, though.
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Pretty much never these days. I see my sister occasionally but she has 3 kids and a full time job. Between the last two times I have seen her she gained so much weight I was surprised when I saw her again. That's how long it was. She only lives 20 minutes away but that's family life, I guess.

The rest of my relatives (besides my parents) all live at least a thousand miles away. And some of the ones I actually knew growing up have died. The others I haven't seen for at least 20 years.


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Aunts and Uncles all dead and gone. I have one cousin left up in Sydney plus my sister who I talk to on the phone every week. I have quite a few cousins in the States and the Uk but I've only met a couple of them ages ago.

The most important people are down here and I see them regularly - my wife and son.
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Aunts uncles and cousins? I don't remember the last time. Over a decade ago probably. I barely knew my cousins growing up so its not even a case of them not taking to me that we never see one another.
Since i became an adolescent and adult I've had zero affinity for my aunts and uncles and don't think they took much for the social misfit i was becoming.the last few times we've never had much in the way of conversation just an awkward feeling between us and inevitably we've become estranged.
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I see my aunt and uncle once a year. My grandpa once a year but I saw him for a while recently because he has Alzheimer's and needed looking after.

Everyone else never. It makes me so sad. My cousins live in this city but they are all siblings so they already have each other. Whereas I'm an only child and would love to be part of the wider family since all I have is my parents. It sucks. It's partly because when I was more anxious I avoided them.

I want a proper family so bad. It hurts. When I see proper families with siblings or cousins who hang out together it just hurts so much.

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If I could choose them out would be never.

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Very, very rarely..?

Only on family occasions mainly, so once a year or every few years...

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Aunts and Uncles are almost all gone now but I used to see some of them almost every week, others only every other year.

With cousins it ranges between once a month and once every three or four years.
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I see them when I visit my parents (once or twice a year). I wish I didn't have to, it's very draining. I asked my parents if we could just hang out by ourselves, but to them it means you're a Good Person if you get your extended family around a big table. I feel bad about disliking it so much, because my relatives give me hugs and buy me presents, and endlessly ask me about my life. I try to reciprocate and it's awkward and tiring. I also have a lot of cold contempt for some relatives currying favour with my (well off) parents, or acting selfishly, or occasionally spouting racist/homophobic/right wing nonsense. I drink as much as I can, until I can just laugh aimlessly at it all or have a legitimate excuse to go to bed.

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Hardly ever.. first because it would be a three hour different bus rides.. without hardly having access to a restroom which makes me nervous..
because when I get there I sweat like a pig...and I don't have anything going on with my life at the moment so it's just awkward..
my grandma and grandpa are pretty old and are pretty annoying we don't really talk about anything, it's just the same questions because they forget..and its a lot of re-asked questions.. theres tension in the house..
it's a no for me... but I have gone my share..I just need to go a few more times :/

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Never because outside of my immediate family I don't like any of them.
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Not regularly. They're in a different tier of life than me. I'll just put it that way.

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