How much personal information are you prepared to share over the internet? - Social Anxiety Forum
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herp derp
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How much personal information are you prepared to share over the internet?

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I doubt I'll ever post my picture either. That, and I don't have any pictures.

I'm surprised how open some people are with their pictures and personal information over the net.
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Done with SA
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I'm okay with telling my first name and general information to anyone. Age, ethnicity, etc. I kind of draw a line at photos (though I've had a few up briefly in a few places) and anything more specific than the town I live in.
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The information I have on my profile here is pretty much all that I'm comfortable giving out. I try to avoid posting anything that could be used to identify me. I'm very careful what information I post because I'm always aware that once it's out there it's probably out there permanently. I've never posted any pictures of myself and don't intend to either - I did once send a single picture to a close online friend because I trust her not to distribute it any further, but that's as far as I'd go.
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On here, I feel pretty comfortable but no matter what I won't share info that could reveal who I am (for fear of being recognized), my picture, my address, phone number, basically anything personal. I'm always paranoid about that sort of thing. Would facebook count as giving out personal information?
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I have a facebook so quite a lot. I wouldn't put my phone number or my address or anything. Yeah I put pictures, I don't care about that. Models have their pictures everywhere. And it's not like they are nude pictures or anything.
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I've posted a couple pics of myself, and the general area of the province I live in. Other than that I don't think I've posted much. I have pretty decent Internet paranoia.

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Your Assumptions
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I share:-

- Country (but don't advertise it)
- Age
- Occupation (but don't advertise it)
- Diagnoses
- Photos
- Sexuality

I do not share:-

- Name
- Town/city
- Universities or workplaces I've been
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There's people on my facebook who i don't even know, i don't know why i accepted them (none from this site, just random people) i should probably delete them, there is quite a few pics on my facebook and i've put my university name down but other than that nothing. I should probably be more careful of what i put on there.
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i think i have my cell number on my facebook account but i keep my page very private and only my whopping 50something friends can view it.

as for messageboards, for a long time i was apprehensive to tell others even my first name. showing my photo here also took a very long time and one (of a few) concerns was that someone would recognize me.
i used to also try to keep my personal life and online life separate but this past year i've kind of stopped caring (i have added a few people from here to my facebook, for example).

unfortunately with other personal information i tend to be way too lax and post about a lot of personal matters of different natures that i would not want to reveal to anyone in person. its probably for that reason that i used to be worried about revealing too much and found out by people i know IRL (haha cause i'm so darn popular with people that they would go searching for sites i'm a part of )
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Your Assumptions
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Just remembered something! I once showed a long-term partner an online profile I had, not telling them it was mine.

I asked what impression the person conveyed, and they reckoned the person was worth knowing and similar to me, but that's about it.

They definitely didn't recognise me, which certainly helped decrease my paranoia about being recognised online. Do you think that's an indication as to why the relationship didn't work?
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I think this site is where I revealed the most about myself.
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What i'm ready to tell on the forum and general internet:
  • My first name
  • My country, province, and the big city i live near of (Montrťal)
  • My age
  • Some profile-type picture (sometimes)
  • My gender
  • My MSN-email address
  • Occupation
  • Even my height and weight (i'm not very complexed about it)
Things I don't want to share with everyone
  • Phone/cell number
  • My last name
  • My address
  • College-work email addresses
  • Photos with non-SAS people
That all I can think about right now.

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I really don't care anymore. I share just about everything. Posting pictures was probally the biggest milestone for me though on the internet, took me years to do it.

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I'm comfortable with using my first name, it took a long to time to get there though. I've never posted my picture online and doubt I ever will. I've only told only one person my address and phone number online but I chatted with her for a long time and knew her pretty well before I did, she's still a good online friend of mine.

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I don't give out my last name, my address, my phone number, or the name of my workplace. I don't think I've ever given out the name of the town I live in, just the general area.

Still, I think I post too much personal information. I regret having posted stuff here that people IRL would immediately recognize. I don't think I know anyone who would search for me, but I'm still a little worried about it.

Actually, someone from class messaged me once because they saw my profile on some site or another and recognized me. I was really embarrassed.
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I'm relatively open on most forums I visit, as well as on FB. I'm a boring person and don't have much to hide.

This board is a different story, though. As much as I enjoy it here, I'd leave in a heartbeat if I thought my real-life friends and family were about to discover I post here; just can't see anything good coming of that. So I basically refrain from posting anything that could possibly link this account to my real-life identity. That's why I have a username that's different from what I use elsewhere, and that's why I don't really talk about exactly where I live, where I go to school, etc. It's kind of sad, as it certainly prevents me from sharing as much with everyone else here as I would if we were in a vacuum, but the risk just isn't worth it to me.
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I think I've shared too much info sometimes, I use to have my pic as my avatar but took it down for fear I was blinding people with it.
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I'm pretty cautious about sharing too much. I prefer to keep my name, birthday, and all that stuff private. I'd never post my picture on a forum where anyone could see it. I can't really talk about what I'm taking in school either as it isn't very common and would narrow down the exact school/location. I'm not opposed to ever doing it; I've shared everything with someone online but only once there was trust and we had talked awhile. I just wouldn't in a public place like here.
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First name, age, occupation, and the state I live in is as far as I generally go. I rarely post pictures and most of the time my face is intentionally partly obscured. I've become far more reserved on message boards like this too, I don't discuss my personal life on here anymore because it's just that: personal...I don't feel the need to make those parts of my life accessible to anyone in the world.
In all the years I've been online I can probably count on one hand the number of people I've given my full name, address, and phone number to. I'm a pretty private person and prefer to keep a low profile.
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