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How many times have you left the country?

never will again. want. can't

amazing the possibility

never twice to another country

America! twice. once was alone. business
Italy in pursuit of girlfriend
Turkey twice with girlfriend to Greece too
Holland & Belgium business naive apprentice
Wales easy. not Scotland or Ireland

never can go alone
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zero. dont want to. environmental disaster. terrible. let them eat cake. willful ignorance.

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Three, but all were 15+ years ago.
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Let's see... about a dozen times, maybe?

First time was to Switzerland where my dad was working, and then on a road trip around Europe including Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Austria. Another time we took a trip to England. I think another time we took a trip to Japan. Then we lived in Singapore for a time, though we came home to the US each summer. From there I visited Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Australia, Greece, Austria and Hungary. After university I visited my dad in Japan when he was there working.

And that was the last time... like 10 years ago now. I really miss traveling; Utah is so boring.

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Maybe once? I think I might have been barely over the border into Canada once in the early 90s.
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Vietnam and Singapore when I was too young to remember much (4-5 years old). It was one trip out of the country.

United States plenty of times - Washington, District of Columbia, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York. Some of them were combined trips, or return trips (e.g. visited Vermont maybe twice in total?).

Belgium and Holland (same trip).

Recently returned from South Korea.

My country is a massive place though so I spent a lot of time just traveling within the borders... maritimes, central Canada, prairies. In terms of massive, by the way, I mean you can fly on a plane for seven straight hours and still be within the country airspace. I hope to visit the Arctic territories eventually!
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Three times.

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I lived in 3 different countries, besides the US.

Border hopping:
As a child we went to Vancouver a few times since we were living in Bellingham for 2 years. Have no memory of it since I was only 7 or 8 at the time. I do sort of remember seeing lots of cars with Canadian plates in Bellingham. I think at the time shopping in the US was cheaper.

Went to Tijuana with my sister once for a couple days around Thanksgiving. It's a short greyhound trip from Los Angeles where we were living. Stayed one night. The main street for the tourists was pretty dead since it was Thanksgiving. I was impressed that the street hawkers could speak all sorts of languages. If they saw an Asian tourist they'd start speaking Japanese to them. We also saw Amish tourists there, hahahaha. And I saw a Mexican tourist (from some other Mexican city) gawking at all the gringos. That hotel was cold heating in Mexican hotels I guess. Coronas were super cheap. Me and my sister got bombed.

I went to South Korea for 3 days when I was living in Japan. Weird floor heating in Korea. No one speaks English there and everyone stares big time at foreigners, even more than in Japan. Went to Peru for 2 days when I was living in Bolivia. Again cold hotel in Peru and in La Paz. Latin America just doesn't believe in heaters. Brrrrrrr.
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I have no idea. The first time I left a country (not my home country - I was born outside of the US), I was less than a year old. Then I moved around every three years or so, sometimes less, for my entire childhood. We flew back to the US for vacations. When I was in college, I flew to see my parents twice a year. Then I lived overseas again after that.

So a lot.

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Zero. I haven't even been more than 100 miles from home for almost 30 years.
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Not that often

Portugal (many times, home country)
Spain (once, Santiago de Compostela)
France (last time 2007 - Paris)
Germany (once or twice)
Switzerland (once, with my brother. We went to the salon the l'automobile)
Belgium ( I studied there, so lived a few years in Brussels)
Netherlands (once with two university "friends", was disgusted by how degenerate the country is)
Ukraine (2018, was actually funny. But was alone so it was hard to be motivated to do something)
Scotland (this year. People were really friendly. Wasn't expecting that. Scottish accent is a pain tough)

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Once to Canada drive around Lake Superior when I was 18 with family. Never been to Canada since and now I live almost in Canada. Thunder Bay, Ontario is 90 miles across the big lake from here. 5 hours to the Soo to cross by car.

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4 times only been to Mexico
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Once. I went to my cousins wedding in Italy with my uncle. We went to Frankfurt then to Milan.

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16? Times I think. I live in Europe though.

Uh if you count countries within the UK, more in early childhood but I can't keep track of that.

(also only counting trips not like passing through multiple countries in a single day which is again possible in Europe.)

I've been to France the most, Germany once as an actual trip, and The Netherlands and Belgium multiple times. Not sure how many. I also forget/don't remember the names of most of the places I've been to beyond the region/country due to them generally being small but I have been to Brussels once, Berlin once and Bruges twice, Bayeux, which are more culturally significant. So I went to Brussels in 2015 and there were armed guards around many places.

This also happened a few months after I was there:

Also many of the police ride around on segways haha. Like this:
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Way back in the 90s, I went across the border into the States (Ohio) with some friends. We stayed overnight in a motel where there was a Hell's Angels gang that spent all night drinking and shouting and tore up the motel lawn with their bikes. Only time I've ever been out of the country. And I've never been out of the province.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Does the time I mailed myself in a box count?
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