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ShyVegan 11-19-2020 11:58 AM

Hey Everyone!
I'm new to this, and just wanted to say hi! :grin2:

Does anyone else freak out when someone knocks or rings the doorbell? I get all jittery when that happens. Even after 30 minutes to an hour after they have gone.

andy1984 11-19-2020 12:22 PM

hey. I dont answer the door unless I'm expecting someone or if they escalate things.

welcome :)

ShyVegan 11-19-2020 12:32 PM

Lol. Same. When I'm not expecting someone and they ring the doorbell, I turn off the T.V., making everything go quiet, then I look out the window and start panicking. Haha

Silent Memory 11-19-2020 05:38 PM

Welcome to SAS. :)

I hide in my wardrobe or on the floor if someone rings the doorbell and no one else is home. It’s usually only the postman, and parcels can be left outside the front door. :)

WillYouStopDave 11-19-2020 05:49 PM

Nobody ever knocks but people occasionally ring the buzzer. It usually makes me jump out of my skin because our buzzer is kinda loud and has about the same pitch as a fire alarm. Aside from that, it wouldn't bother my SA too much because most of the time when someone rings our buzzer it isn't even for us anyway (unless I'm expecting a package). It's usually some inconsiderate twit coming to see one of our neighbors and they press all of the buttons for some unknown reason. So it's just the sudden "RED ALERT!" sound that scares me. I'm jumpy anyway.

ShyVegan 11-19-2020 06:10 PM

Thank you all for replying! :smile2: I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel so much more relieved now. This place is amazing so far! :grin2: It feels so good to finally relate to people that has SA.

Excaliber 11-19-2020 06:20 PM

Hey welcome to SAS! I feel the same way when someone comes up to our front door unexpectedly, I dread having to go answer. The mail man used to ring the bell and wait for us to sign for things but now a days just leaves packages on the front porch because of covid rules.

Paul 11-19-2020 09:55 PM

Door knocks are the worst. I check the peephole in case it's my apartment manager, but usually it's evil kids or advertisers/preachers (nice thing about 2020 is there's less of those). Makes me panic and hide for a little bit. And then I'm on guard for it in the back of my mind for a week.

ShyVegan 11-19-2020 10:01 PM

Lol. I get so scared they will return.

harrison 11-20-2020 01:22 AM

Don't get a lot of people knocking on the door in my building. In my experience it's better to ignore it - unless it's the police.

Welcome to the forum.

RSxo 11-20-2020 01:49 PM


CoolLilChickadee 11-20-2020 06:10 PM

I hate it! I go into stealth mode. Turn the tv off, hide out of view of the windows, etc.

john.myles 11-21-2020 12:02 AM

Hi and welcome to the site @ShyVegan . I'm basically a newcomer too.🙂👋

Yes, my freaking out at the door knock seems to have evolved somewhat into getting a bit angry and wanting to shout "Go away! I'm not interested in talking to you!" Or something like that. That must be progress on my part - becoming a grumpy old man. 😂👍

Lyyli 11-21-2020 06:30 AM

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Welcome to SAS!

Receiving a parcel has become more dreadful now that they take a photo as proof of delivery. I have to take it when no one else is home. If it's not expected, I drop everything and be quiet.

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