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Après moi, le déluge
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Finding a Lawyer

Hello Everyone,

I might need to find a lawyer when I get back to the States at the end of October. Does anyone know how I can go about finding one that handles the type of case I would need and also how to find out if they're good. I see a lot of commercials on TV, but those are just injury lawyers.

I'd rather not say why I want to find a lawyer, but it involves me possibly filing a civil suit against someone and possibly also criminal charges. I just need to find out if doing so would be a viable option for me. It involves something that happened right before I left and it's very hard for me to do anything about it right now, so I have to wait.

Also how much would they charge for an initial consultation? If I sue someone, how much would I have to pay the lawyer? What if I lost?

Thanks for your time, everyone.

Have a nice day,

Carefully, but full of might.
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re: Finding a Lawyer

I Googled "Lawyer forums" and there were several that came up. This is just one that looks rather comprehensive, as I don't know what your specific situation is. Perhaps they or one of the others can help you or at least guide you in the right direction.

Also, depending on the attorney and the situation I suppose, the initial consultation can be free, but it might also just be over the phone for the freebie. That was my experience a few years ago.

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re: Finding a Lawyer

Sorry you're going through this, Kelly.

I don't have much experience with lawyers, but when I was in my car accident when I was 13, my lawyer was recommended to my parents by a few people who he had represented. I guess that's the best way to go if you can. Ask around amongst your family and friends and see if they can recommend anybody.

I have no idea if we paid for a consultation, but when I got my settlement, my lawyer got a third of it. No wonder he lives in such a fancy house in a nice suburb! If only I had what it took to be a lawyer...
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if its personal injury cases, many lawyers charge nothing to see you and only charge you if you win the case.

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re: Finding a Lawyer

Good luck, Kelly. I hope things work out for you.
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re: Finding a Lawyer

Thanks, everyone.

Veggie, I'll check out that site.

Sheri, my family is in Michigan, so I don't think they could recommend me an Ohio lawyer. Lawyers can only practice in certain states, right? Jason's mom only knows of her divorce lawyer from years ago and that's certainly not what I need.

Noca, I'm not sure if it's personal injury or not. I'll ask on the lawyer forum maybe.

Thank you, Amelia.

Have a nice day,

Carefully, but full of might.
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Finding a good lawyer isn't easy. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Call around, find one that will do a free consultation, if you don't like what they say go to a different one.
And always remember, that the lawyers are they to make money off you. Do they really care about you? No, not at all, but they'll act like they do just to get a buck.

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