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Mattie Sanstheworld
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Favorite social media likes system?

Different platforms have different ways. Just wondering what you guys think is the best / worst of these.

Reddit: upvotes, downvotes, karma
down voted comments get hidden

Twitter: love. I don't use twitter much
It seems creepy that people can see your loves though.

positive: like, love, wow
mostly positive: haha
mostly negative: angry
you can also see who reacts to any given post

The 'haha' reaction is the most annoying one imo because it's used a lot for just 'disliking' which isn't an option. Your only option is to either be "angry" of opinions you don't like, or "make fun of them" which is kind of weird.

like / dislike for videos
for comments: like (dislike doesn't do anything?)
for channels: love / pin

you quote the post and say 'This' or something


Not sure why these systems are different. Is it because of the format of the content is different, or are they just experimenting with different theories for what works best or whatever.

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drifting in mist
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I don't like any of it for "social" stuff. The reddit system is good for technical questions or other specific advice, much like stack overflow/exchange. But in conversation people should say why they like/don't like something instead of just pressing a button. It's like an even lazier version of sending a canned reply to an email.
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Wayfaring Stranger
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Originally Posted by Myosr View Post

you quote the post and say 'This' or something

What is a man?
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Slashdot got it right 20+ years ago: various +1 and -1 options like insightful, interesting, troll, flamebait, along with karma and metamoderation, and intermittent moderator points to keep people from being professional busybodies. And the filtering options to view comments at the quality of your choice, of course.

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It seems like social media's attention and exposure opportunities thrives mostly on how popular the user is.

I like reddit for this reason, because it's anonymous based, unless you choose not to be. Even then, each post, thread and subforum, you pretty much start anew. You pretty much is just nothing more than a username. Although it does have its flaws.

Although if you're using social media strictly as a popularity, exposure, attention procuring and self esteem contest, you're mostly on it for the wrong reasons.

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Definitely not YouTube. I'm forever annoyed that I'm cockblocked from downvoting retarded comments. Why even have the option there?

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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I mostly just do the like thing on Twitter, and I often retweet them too. It's pretty much always to do with books, old manuscripts or libraries etc though and it's my book business account so it doesn't matter who sees it.

I very rarely use Facebook - I like a few posts on the bipolar groups I look at sometimes. It's alright - I don't really care either way.
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Well, Youtube is the only one I bother with. I don't use Twitty or Facebork. I only use the thumbs up on Youtube if I actually like the video and want to see more like it. Which if I didn't like it, I probably wouldn't watch long enough to start thinking about the button. I don't read the comments.
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Discord all the way
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-Facebook is alright
-SAS? Ehhh....somewhat
-Pinterest is inspirational.

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Just plain old forums, where people typically respond to one another in a variety of threads and the threads are sorted by the date of the last response. I think the like/dislike formula has really dumbed down a lot of dialogue people used to have with one another - instead of a thought out response detailing what a person may have liked, we get a thumb up or thumb down. Due to the popularity of bad ideas, this leads others to believing in whatever they read that has a high rating. Plus, there might be one thing I like in a post and would like to compliment that while not up voting all of the ideas contained within it.

Socializing should not be like a product review on amazon . People tend to be a little less biased on the products they buy than the ideas that they hold.

I really do miss long and well thought out posts made by people who put a lot of care in what they were saying, it was a nice way to spend time. Now we get a few lines of text, accompanied by an image and that is considered the epitome of communication in most places. This forum used to have a lot more people who would leave awesome posts that spanned on for paragraphs, I miss it. We still have some really cool posters here though, but it is nothing like it used to be, in fact most forums are not.

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