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Does anyone just drive around to get out of the house?

On my off days I basically stare at the wall all day with a hangover from the night before. Do you guys travel or visit different towns nearby for the heck of it?
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Elle Knight
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Nope. I go to work. What do you drink?
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I use to do this a lot at night when I trusted my car more. Driving around itself generally relaxes me unless it's congestion.

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Yes, very often on my days off. Some days I go farther than others. But it's a nice excuse to be alone, but not home and play some music. Still would be nice to do it with a friend once in a while.
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I just drive to hiking spots so I can get out and see something. The driving itself isn't fun.

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I'd totally do this if I could afford to waste the gas... I love driving.

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No, but I go to work and it's too much for me already...

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Daily. I have to get out to avoid unnecessary extra depression just being in the dark at home. I'll pick a random direction and go. Just drive and listen to music or something. Park in the shade for a while somewhere with some iced tea and play around on my phone. Sometimes I'll go to a town an hour+ away to see some snow or to go to a restaurant or something I like. Obviously not lately with everything closed. I get very restless just being at home. It sucks going alone and not having anyone who enjoys doing the same like I had in the past, but I still have to get out, and driving somewhere is all I can do.

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Sometimes, but I'm finding it harder to justify driving someplace without any real purpose.

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I used to when I was maybe 18-22. I think it would bore me now.

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Yeah, I usually find any excuse to get out of the house. Even if I'm on a special mission to get one particular item I'll make it more important than it really is if it means leaving the house for a bit.
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I used too for a few years after I first got my licence, but I've seen everywhere of significance within a 100 mile radius of my house now, it doesn't justify the fuel to go farther just for the heck of it.

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With most things closed, I decided to just drive around for the fun of it on my way to the store the other day.

The world is quiet here.
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Someone you used to know.
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I used to do this a lot when I had a more reliable vehicle. Now I have a huge fear of my car breaking down in the middle of traffic so I keep the driving to a minimum. (Even though it has never happened. Thanks, anxiety.) I miss it though. It's peaceful.
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I was thinking about going driving tonight with my music playing but maybe I should save on gas. It would be nice to get out of the house for awhile. I usually dont drive around just for the fun of it since I live in the city and it takes up gas in my SUV to go to three different places that only take 15 minutes to get to.

I used to drive around for the fun of it when I was in 12th grade almost every night. That's the only thing I ever did outside of school cause I didn't have a friend in HS. lol But I went out to eat sometimes with my mom and dad, too. I dont really count that, though.
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The roads are too congested in the area I live, does my head in driving in that

plus I'm on 9 points so one more penalty gets me a court date and possibilty of a ban

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Yes! I used to ride my motorcycle a lot when I first got my license at 16. Went full throttle on the country roads near my town. Then I started going off road when the bike was older and I didn't fear breaking it. I also wandered with my car when I got my license. But now I've gotten bored to drive a car, since I make about 150 miles every two weeks or so to go to the mountains.

What I've really fallen for lately is going to the city by car, park on the outskirts, far from the city center, and walk maybe 5 km to the center. I like to do this when I feel lonely but don't really want to see any friends. I just see tons of different faces and somehow stop feeling lonely, it is also really distracting just being in the middle of all that movement, and with all the walk I burn some calories and feel better. And the fact that no one knows me there is a huge bless. Wouldn't be able to have a calm walk in my home town without being spotted by some one I know and getting nervous.

Also getting some city drugs and befriending some dealers is also quite the adventure.
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acetal dehydrogenaser
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I loathe driving in particular lately. Probably tired and burnt out from sitting in rush hour traffic every day for the past year. I used to love driving aimlessly and still kind of do when I get lost. If there wasn't a ban on domestic travel, I may even be tempted to drive a long time alas.. Probably for the better.
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Originally Posted by DeliveryDude View Post
On my off days I basically stare at the wall all day with a hangover from the night before. Do you guys travel or visit different towns nearby for the heck of it?
I used to. Then I started doing it to attend concerts. Now they are all cancelled - Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Albany, Hartford. I don't think any Symphony Orchestra on the planet is having concerts. And they won't for probably a year - or more.
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I don't as often as I used to. I might start doing it more now since I can't go to work and everyone is trying the social distance thing. I live on an island so there are lots of beautiful drives I could take. Driving relieves stress for me. I think that's especially true now that many are staying home and there's little traffic anywhere.
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