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do u have dialup but still know who's calling when online?

Some of the fights at our house are about the fact that my parents can't answer the phone when I'm online. We need be able to receive our incoming calls while online.

I've heard of Catch A Call. It's from Radio Shack. We no longer have Radio Shack. I need some type of caller ID device while online, so that my parents and I can stop fighting.

Could I get something to download or would I have to buy a device to attach to the computer?

Would I need to get a certain modem? 56K V.92 dialup compatible modems? I don't know alot about computers, so I'm lost.

I want Internet Call Waiting, Online Caller ID, Modem on Hold feature. I think this means if I'm online and someone calls the internet automatically disconnects. I'm unsure if I'm right about this? but I do know that this is a feature that I want.

Can anyone recommend a free download at best or something that has worked for them. Thanks.

I saw this one:
US Robotics 56K USB Faxmodem Model 5633A
Item Number 512372
$89.95 CAD Staples Business Depot

The U.S. Robotics 56K USB Faxmodem combines the ease and convenience of USB Plug and Play setup and use with the feature-rich advantages offered by V.92 technology. The ControlCenter utility makes the most of your modem’s V.92 functionality. Quick Connect cuts dial-up connection time and gets you online faster. Modem on Hold identifies incoming calls and enables you to take a call without losing your Internet connection. V.PCM Upstream allows for sending e-mail and attachments faster. USB connection allows for a hot-swap installation without the need for an additional power supply for operation.

Compatible with both V.92 and V.90 standards
Includes the best of V.92: Quick Connect, Modem on Hold, and V.PCM Upstream
Simple USB Plug and Play installation and hot swappable
USB powered – no need for an external power supply
Designed for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP operating systems - We have Windows XP
Receive incoming calls while on the Internet
ControlCenter for optimum modem performance
Fax and communications software included
Delayed and broadcast faxing capability
Customizable interface
Caller ID support†
Digital line guards helps protect your modem from potentially damaging digital or PBX phone lines
Install with the Plug and Play convenience of USB – hot swappable design, doesn’t need an additional power supply for operation
Take incoming calls while online without losing your Internet connection
Send faxes from any Windows application
Customize the user interface to suit your preferences - Unsure how to do this
Send faxes and e-mails, surf the Web, even take incoming calls, all with your 56K* USB Faxmodem
Download software updates automatically
† Call Waiting and Caller ID require service from your local phone company.

* We already have call waiting and caller ID when I'm not online.

Does this sound like a good choice? Thanks.

You had me at hello.
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Some DSL services (Verizon, Yahoo) are cheaper than dialup places like AOL, MSN, Earthlink etc.
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Yes, my family still has dial up and my parents are the same way about getting calls since there are five people in my house there is always someone on the internet. Anyway, my mom subscribes to this service called "Callwave" I think it cost like 7-10 dollars a month and I think their website is but I'm not sure, so when ever someone is trying to call you a little message window pops up with the callers name or phone number and you have the option of taking the call or ignoring it, if you ignore the call the call wave will actually work like an answering machine and take a message from whoever is calling and if you take the call it disconnects you from the internet and sends the call through to your phone. We've had it for about two years and it works very good.
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Yup.. it's me!
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right now verizon is offering 14.95... they also have it for sbc customers..

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Yep, I have dial-up and what we used is Callwave. Had it for several years, worked pretty good. I just recently got rid of it though, it's just me and my dad, so since he now has a cell phone, if anyone needs to get a hold of him, they can do it that way.
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I had the same problem as you, until we got Caller ID. It may have just been a fluke, but as soon as we purchased Caller ID anytime we had a call come in the computer would automatically disconnect. An unintended benefit, indeed...
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Originally Posted by wituckius
Sweet, I've always wanted to use that emoticon.
I agree. Sadly some people (like me) live in an area where broadband is not available.

My only broadband option is satellite, and its $100 a month right now, so I'm not planning on getting it anytime soon. Maybe if it dropped to $50 or below a month I would think about it, but until then I'm stuck with dialup.
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Since I live in the Country in the middle of Canada ADSL is not available to us. I'll look into Callwave, but my mom doesn't want to pay any extra per month.

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