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Did you do well at school?


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No, I was always being bullied so I never cared for school at all. I hated every waking moment of being there
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I did alright grade-wise. I had a hard time because of brain trauma (and I don't remember my gpa now), but I did much better in college.

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Nope, I barely graduated. I loved going to school but hated going to classes.
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Yes. I was a straight-A student in high school and did well in college. A lot of my motivation was rooted in the desire to move out and be independent as soon as possible.
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Well, I managed not to blow it up, but that was mainly due to lack of explosives & confidence.

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High school? Yeah I graduated top 3% in my class. Not on purpose though. Just took so many AP and dual enrollment classes it inflated my gpa. I'm not actually gifted. Didn't even know I was so ahead until days before graduation. College? I was average. I initially wanted to go to med school so I took so many chemistry classes and that was hard to keep up lol
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Terribly. I didn't see a future for myself and wanted to die so had no will to succeed. Didnt do any homework or concentrate in class.

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6i was good at high school - A's and B's, all math and science - but mediocre at uni. my first semester of uni was anxiety hell and i got C's and then dropped out. my second attempt was a lesser anxiety hell and i got some A's and then dropped out after 2 years. my third attempt was fairly mundane and i got some A's also and finished, but only because it was philosophy and i didn't have to interact with anyone.

i was actually pretty great. if people didn't exist i would have become a microbiologist on my first attempt. instead i've become a "casual" factory slave barely making enough to survive. what a wonderful world.

and I think to myseeeelf.
what a wonderfuuul world.
ooooooh yeeeeah

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
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Yes. I got a 5 on the BC Calculus exam and I didn't even like math. No friends + limited access to computer/TV thanks to a large family = lots of time to study every night.

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- Marie Curie
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No. I did okay in class, and on written assignments, but I have a lot of difficulty memorizing stuff, so no matter how hard I studied for the exams, I usually failed them. By the last year of hs I was failing all my courses and just dropped out. I did go back and get my hs diploma later, but at a different school where the standards were much lower.

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Average... On some things above average, on some below average, but I never was good at anything, even if it might look like I was to others, but I really wasn't actually good at anything, it was just a lie... If I was able to memorize something, it wasn't for long, if I learn something, I can be sure that even after few months it all might be gone... School was never such a thing that I might like in one way or another, I hated it everyday, I hated every morning before it, I wanted it to end even if it didn't even started...

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I did very well at school - until I left of course. I remember I was top boy the last year I was there and won a scholarship. (Kerry MacMahon was the top girl)

We both had to go up onto the stage on speech night and get our little awards.
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No. So much no that there isn't any more no to be than how much no it was.

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I did okay, but completely lost motivation during high school and thus didn't do as well as some people would have expected. Went to college and university afterwards but the trend continued (helped further by my bad choice of courses) and I dropped out of uni part way through.
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For the most part no, especially when it came to exams. Like I would get B's etc in my graphic design coursework but then continuously **** up exams/mock exams so I'd get like E/F or something in those so ended up with a C grade in the end. My teachers at one point predicted I'd get a B in science but I ended up with a C lol. Likewise I got A* in all my history coursework but then ended up with with a B because I messed up the final exam. Lots of C's and D's, did worse in uni where it was mostly D grades and then got the lowest degree classification you can get while graduating.

So basically this gif (which I weirdly posted in another thread yesterday..)

Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Well, I managed not to blow it up, but that was mainly due to lack of explosives & confidence.
Yeah but I actually consider that a failing in my own case.

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Expertly got C's because it's not listed on your degree and I'm not dedicating the time to get an A. The closer to a D+ I can get the better executed my strategy.
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I never cared of grades or well school. I regret it now though.
I always fell asleep in classes.
Skipped almost all the gym classes, didn't even show up for graduation in HS.

I think I just had a lot of other stuff on my mind back then to really care about doing good.
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I was a lazy student in high school, did the minimum amount of work but passed. Looking back I was an idiot for not applying myself. College is obviously a tad different as I'm paying for it. So my motivational drive to work harder is higher b/c I may as well get the most out of it that I can.

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I did pretty well in high school when anxiety wasn't all over the place. Sophomore year was rough (10th grade), but I did well otherwise.

I did average in college. I would have done a lot better all around if I had been motivated.

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