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Did anyone close to you get Covid?

friends / family.

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Not to my knowledge. A now-former friend did develop a cough during a surge, refuse to be tested, grumble about not being allowed to go to work, and use her free time to go wander through Costco without a mask.

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A few weeks ago my sister came into contact with someone who was positive for covid so she went and got tested right away, thankfully she was negative. That's the first time its been that close to our family, not just hearing about it floating around out there from other people.
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A cousin's wife had it.

I may have had it way back in February. I had many of those symptoms. Brought it up with my doctor recently but he didn't think it was important at this time.
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One of my mum's friends/co-workers did, and I think some other people at the school she works at did too (they're not in the same class.)

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My sister works at a school and one of the kids she works with tested positive but I think her test was still negative. She would not come near us because she has a conscience. She has been over here a few times but didn't come inside. Just brought her kids to say hi through the window.

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Not yet...*knocks on wood*...though my brother and his family (in Georgia) had to get tested a while back after apparently coming in contact with a suspected case.

The way things are currently going in the US and Michigan, and now with crowds packing airports for Thanksgiving travel despite all the medical professionals and the CDC begging them not to, I suspect it's just a matter of time before we get exposed.

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I don't know anyone personally that has had it - but my wife and son etc have been very careful. Up in Sydney they didn't have it too bad so my sister didn't have to stay home for as long as us down here.

There must have been some people in my building that had it - and I know there were about 120 cases in the building behind me. The government shut both buildings down - we were locked in for 5 days and the one behind me for 14 days. Our general lockdown lasted for months - but it's worked.

It was a very surreal experience and quite frightening - overall I've been very impressed with how the Gov has handled it here though - they've listened to the medical advice and taken it very seriously.
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Friends of friends.

Do they test for antibodies in mass yet?
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I have had a friend of a friend die from it. Couple people I vaguely know at work have tested positive as well. No one really close though
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Nope a few coworkers though.

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Did anyone close to you get Covid?

I’m 75% convinced I had it in late December/early January before this became big news. It was right around me where the first confirmed cases in the country were too. I was so so sick for weeks and I had quite a few of the symptoms. A persistent cough from hell that was unlike any cough I’ve ever had when sick. I went to urgent care and they didn’t know what was wrong with me so just diagnosed me with an unknown severe upper respiratory infection after I tested negative for the flu. My lungs/breathing still doesn’t feel back to normal from that.

Recently a few of my cousins and their spouses and kids have tested positive.

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A friend I haven't seen in a few years posted on Facebook a few weeks ago he tested positive. A few of my girlfriend's former coworkers have had it as well. Someone at my work that I didn't know, too.
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My dad's friend has it -- last I heard he's still really not doing well. Three of my cousins' kids have apparently had it, one of whom is in quarantine now. My friend's fiancée's grandfather died from it. And I know at least two of my classmates this semester have gotten it -- yay for online-only instruction!

I got a test last week but was negative; here's hoping I can stay that way.

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I've had a mild version of it in the spring. My Mum is currently recovering. An uncle was recently discharged from hospital. A bunch of people at work had been ill. A close friend lost her grandmother. And someone I've known close to 15 years passed away in May.
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My sister's husband was hospitalized this morning. I also have relatives out east that caught it. One is in his 60's and was hospitalized, but he was thankfully released and is now recovering.

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One of my aunts called just earlier and said that she and her husband (my uncle) were exposed to the virus. She said that there had been no symptoms but they are going to get tested Monday. I am still somewhat worried since they are at an age range where it can significantly affect their health, if not worse.

Otherwise I've been lucky to not have anyone confirmed to have contract the virus.
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My sister takes care of old people in a center(i forget what it's called in english)

She had patients who caught Covid and they were all isolated on the top floor together and some of them died. Thankfully she did not catch it, but some others nurses at her work caught it and had to leave 14 days. And kids at my nieces school caught it in their class so all the kids of that class had to take 14 days off and do online school at home. In their innocence, my nieces were quite happy to stay at home and have class a few hours a day and the rest off.
Its a big mess for parents when that happens because they rely on school/daycare so much. But none of my family caught the thing yet, so thank God for that.

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I don't consider them close but my step(grandfather) and step(grandmother) both got it. The grandfather died (but he refused treatment). A few co-workers got it too but none were fazed by it.
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My sister in law and my (two) nieces got it. My sister in law was very ill and my nieces were asymptomatic. My sister in law's mother and brother in law also caught it, both died. My mom's cousin caught it and died. My aunt's brother in law and parent in laws caught it; her father in law is still sick, the other two died. My kid's co-worker got it and got sick. Due to the shortages of doctors in Mexico, a cousin who is a general practitioner, along with several of her peers, were offered free training to any specialty of their choice if they go work at a COVID hospital. She declined but some of peers took up the offer and she said they all caught it and died.
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