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are you a farmer? or any of your family member? parents/grandparents,etc?

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Hm either my nan helped out on a farm or her friend did, while she was still in Danzig (now Gdańsk,) I think. Her friend was shot by a guy who was trying to shoot a rat or something, she was taken into a hospital of some kind and I guess nobody really knew what they were doing. Her friend needed a blood transfusion so they used my nan's blood but her friend died. Probably wasn't even the right blood type.

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My grandfather on my father's side had a fairly large farm which was split 3 ways when he died, livestock/crop mix, my father inherited a small fraction of the land, not really enough to live on, he kept a few animals on it, when he died my mother inherited & I still keep a few animals on it, more as a hobby than anything, my mother's uncle who she lived with growing up had a farm aswell.

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shoulda been! farmer

life started in countryside! fields, mud, tractors. dogz, farm, electric fences playing with friends to laugh the challenge to touch.. with gunz!

public school by vast river! Severn. long country drive by minibus to school and home: pub! forest

then snatched away to live urban. new school. all friends missed! major drop! socially adrift alien. 2tuff coping with all whole school o Strangerzzzz!!!!

turned my life upside-down. also! worst: diagnosed as having ITP!!! Ruff!!! no contact sporrts!

Geology should been my career! engineering degree! delighted! no job! Fake Course!!
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My great-great-grandparents were Japanese pig farmers.

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Both my paternal and maternal grandparents grew up in a farm. My great grandparents were definitely farmers. Maternal grandparents owned a farm and a huge fish farm. Heard it was successful before my grandpa became heavy in debt from gambling and lost it all.

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I had a small holding(chickens, goats, veg) for a while and also did some occaisonal work for farmer neighbors
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My grandpa on my dad's side had a pretty big farm when I was growing up with lots of cattle.
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Maternal great grandparents were farmers in Ireland. I think my gran worked on a farm when she was younger but moved to England in her 20s.

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My Paternal Grandmother grew up on a farm up by Grand Forks, North Dakota. They grew wheat and potatoes. My Maternal Grandfather grew up on a dairy farm in Madison county Iowa.
No one else in the family farmed to my knowledge. I grew up in a small village surrounded by farms. The closes that my father was to farmer was working for John Deere in one of their factories building cotton pickers.

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I've found a few ancestors who were farmers. My great great great grandfather was from a family of farmers, and this is something I found about them:
On a list of Spreyton tax-payers in 1525, John Canne was recorded as paying tax on goods worth 2, indicating only moderate wealth (it does not mention his place of residence, but it was almost certainly Fuidge). It seems likely that the Canns were at that time standard yeoman farmers, and Fuidge was an unremarkable Devon long-house of cob and thatch, built by an early member of the Cann family. However, the Canns quickly became wealthier. By 1544, John Canne was paying tax on 10 of goods, the biggest amount in the parish apart from two people who were big landowners. The Canns appear also to have owned or rented part of Falkedon, and possibly other nearby farms.

By the early 18th century, the Canns were grand enough to be calling themselves “gentlemen” rather than yeomen. During the 18th century they acquired lime kilns and quarries in Drewsteignton. Burnt lime was at the time the only artificial fertilizer, and the quarries made the Canns very rich indeed.They used their money inter alia to extend and embellish their farmhouse at Fuidge, adding an elegant double-bowed front to the house, and building a fine red-brick serpentine wall in the garden, making it the most imposing residence in the parish. There was even a fish-pond or lake. The Canns by this time were, with the Battishills, the main landowners in Spreyton and also owned farms in Hittisleigh and Drewsteignton. There are a number of memorials to the Cann family in Spreyton church. They always farmed the land attached to Fuidge as their “home farm”, but most of their other farms were let for income.

The eldest son was always traditionally given the name John. The John Cann who inherited the property in 1807 was a man of considerable enterprise and ambition. In 1798, fired with patriotic enthusiasm, he raised a company of volunteers (a sort of Home Guard) to defend the neighbourhood against a possible French invasion. From then on, he was often referred to as Captain Cann.

Captain Cann’s next exploit, in about 1816, was to open a bank in Exeter with two partners, called the ‘Devonshire Bank’. When Captain Cann died in 1819, he left everything to his widow Rebecca, who took his place in the partnership. Unfortunately, there could scarcely have been a worse time for starting a bank, as the boom brought about by the Napoleonic wars was coming to an abrupt end. On 20 December 1820, the bank was forced to suspend payment ‘in consequence of a severe and unexpected run’, and the partners were declared officially bankrupt. Although the partners were jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the bank and Rebecca must have struggled, she managed to retain Fuidge, at any rate for a while, probably because she was responsible only for the debts incurred in the short period when she was a partner. But she no doubt had to mortgage it heavily, and it was finally sold in 1838. Local people could not understand how the Cann fortune could have disappeared so rapidly.

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I grew up on a farm. Milking cows, feeding chickens and picking eggs up, picking up potatoes and corn so on.

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Not technically a farmer, but my paternal grandmother lived in a small village where she used to own cows, chickens, and a donkey. I think she may have had sheep and a few other farm animals as well, but I'm not sure because she gave more and more of them away as her health continued to decline. She had no one else to help care for them, so only her chickens were left.

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My grandmother lived on a farm when she was young, up until she turned 16. My great aunt and her whole family still live on that farm. Used to visit every summer growing up. Got to milk my first cow and do a lot of other things that I actually enjoyed to the surprise of my whole family.
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My paternal grandparents bought a farm in the early 1900s. My grandfather was a coal miner for a long time and I guess was able to save up enough for a down payment and was able to get a mortgage. I think they were able to pay it off from working the farm after that. My grandmother left the farm to my dad and he bought an additional 20 acres and passed the farm on to me and my sister. We sold the development rights to the county and state so nobody can turn it into a housing development now.
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My paternal grandparents did a stint of farming. She hates that I'm vegan mwahahahaahaha

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No, but I now live on 100 acres of a former working farm.

Not yet sure what I'll do with it, but hope to try a more homesteading style life.

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Probably my great grandparents. At least some of them lived in villages. Though I don't think I ever asked much about them.

I remember going once when I was a kid. There were a lot of mosquitoes.

^ not sure if I look more miserable or the poor donkey. :/

Ma 'alena
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Originally Posted by SofaKing View Post
No, but I now live on 100 acres of a former working farm.

Not yet sure what I'll do with it, but hope to try a more homesteading style life.
Glad to hear the sale went through okay - hope you like it there.
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Originally Posted by Coincidence View Post

Originally Posted by Coincidence View Post
are you a farmer?

Originally Posted by Coincidence View Post
or any of your family member?
Yes. Their daughter has her own horse.

Originally Posted by Coincidence View Post
parents/grandparents, etc?
Quite a few farms.

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